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Property in Dubai

Real estate in Dubai stirs the imagination with its colossal scale. Fantastic projects—the tallest towers, the most original architecture, and the richest infrastructure—come to life here. However, Arab real estate is not only the famous Burj Khalifa and other fabulously expensive buildings. Dubai properties include more affordable and democratic developments of consistently high-quality. What’s more, property prices in Dubai have decreased somewhat following the 2020 pandemic. Apartments in local residential developments are a great option both as a permanent or temporary residence and as an investment asset.

Types of properties

The local real estate market is truly impressive. Properties for sale in Dubai, the UAE, boast diversity, technology, comfort, and luxury, combined with relatively affordable prices.

Apartments in Dubai come with a different number of rooms. Some residential developments are designed for young professionals and couples, while others can meet the needs of even very large families. Studios are also available for purchase, with a sleeping area and a kitchen combined into a single space.

Villas in Dubai are detached individual houses. They are usually built within autonomous neighbourhoods or gated communities. As a rule, residents of such developments have access to saunas, baths, tennis and basketball courts, and other infrastructure facilities located within the community. Often, villas feature a swimming pool, a garage, and a landscaped plot of land.

In addition to units in apartment buildings and villas, the metropolis has townhouses and penthouses.

Townhouses are two-storey houses with several multi-level apartments.

Penthouses are luxury multi-room apartments located on the top floors of apartment buildings. Such residences have access to the rooftop.

Popular areas

The top popular areas of Dubai include:

Large developments, sometimes referred to as neighbourhoods, such as the Burj Khalifa and Emaar Beachfront, are in high demand not only because residential properties in them can be resold at a profit but also because they have long become world-famous attractions.

Property prices in Dubai in 2024

According to statistics, as of H1 2023, the average price of an apartment in Dubai is AED 3.3 million (USD 898,479).

Below is information about the cost of real estate (depending on the type of property) in the city’s popular areas.

Area Villa Price/m² Apartment Price/m².
Downtown Dubai AED 1,940 (USD 528)
Dubai Marina AED 1,398 (380)
Business Bay AED 1,459 (USD 397)
Palm Jumeirah AED 3,346 (USD 911) AED 1,834 (USD 499))
Dubai Hills AED 1,609 (USD 438) AED 1,747 (USD 475)
Jumeirah Village Circle AED 657 (USD 178) AED 911 (USD 248)
DAMAC Hills AED 1,178 (USD 320) AED 1,031 (USD 280)

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Lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai is a city of expats. More than 85% of the people living in it are foreign nationals who moved here for a pampered lifestyle, high incomes, and a well-developed entertainment industry. The city’s entire infrastructure is aimed at providing maximum comfort.

Although the UAE is an Arab country with stringent laws and a specific way of life, foreigners in Dubai can feel quite free due to the general multicultural environment. There are shopping malls, sports centres, fitness studios, spas, saunas, cinemas, zoos, concert halls, cafes, restaurants, and many other places, where you can have a good time.

As for areas and individual residential developments, they often provide everything you might need for a full and eventful life. In particular, they feature a self-sufficient infrastructure with recreation areas, sports and entertainment facilities, playgrounds, and much more. Some communities are fully-fledged resorts with artificial lagoons, beaches, and swimming pools.

Property investment in Dubai

For a foreigner, buying property for investment in Dubai is not only prestigious, but also profitable. The average rental yield in the downtown is 10.96% per annum, and outside the downtown, 11.14% per annum. If you purchase real estate worth at least AED 750,000 (USD 204,199), you can apply for a two-year visa that can be renewed indefinitely.

Every ten years, the population of the largest city in the United Arab Emirates doubles: in 2010, 1.5 million people lived here, and in 2020, 3.1 million. By 2030, the population is expected to reach 6.4 million. Businessmen, engineers, and qualified specialists are moving to the country.

The law is strictly observed in the city, and if immigrants commit illegal acts, they are punished with deportation. Visitors are interested in staying in a prosperous country with high wages, which is why Dubai has a record low crime rate.

As the population grows, so does the demand for rentals and real estate for sale in Dubai. Some investors prefer to buy several apartments and rent them out, while others buy units in under-construction buildings and resell them at a higher price once completed. Either way, buying a property in Dubai is a reliable investment.

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