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Property for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties, the emirate’s most prominent and trustworthy construction companies, are developing Dubai Creek Harbour. This new community has diverse residential, commercial, and office areas. Moreover, this place is home to cosy squares, green gardens, a long promenade, and numerous parking lots.

The construction of this project began with the development of The Island District. Properties for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour, UAE, offers various residential complexes such as Dubai Creek Residences, Harbour Views, Creekside 18, and some others.

There is a Creek Beach pedestrian zone in the area. A sandy beach 75 metres long stretches along it, where gourmet restaurants, cosy cafes, and swimming pools are located.

Initially, the project was developed as a place that fully meets the needs of residents and guests: to do this, numerous shopping areas and entertainment venues should be located near the community. The Dubai authorities are gradually implementing this project. There are many popular places where you can go shopping, recreation areas, parks, walking and cycling paths, restaurants and the beach. In addition, the emirate’s rulers want to build the city’s largest shopping complex.

You can buy a property in Dubai in this area in the following closed elite communities: Creek Waters Apartments, Vida Residences, Creek Edge, Vida Residences, Creekside 18, and Bayshore.

Foreigners will be able to buy a local property for investment and permanent residence in 2023. Citizens of other countries have the right to buy housing in the area and use their residential units as they want, including reselling and renting out. To buy real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour, a foreigner will need to prepare the following documents: a foreign passport, a primary sales contract, an NOC certificate, a memorandum of understanding, proof of residence in Dubai, and a permit under which the buyer is in the United Arab Emirates. If the buyer does not come to the transaction, he will need to issue a power of attorney to his representative.

Lifestyle in Dubai Creek Harbour

There is a yacht club, gyms, many shops in the area, and all residential communities have a well-developed infrastructure: the community has pools, playgrounds, fitness studios, saunas, barbecue areas, and much more. That is why fans of active lifestyle will like living in this quarter.

The residential areas are under round-the-clock security, so residents can feel safe day and night.

The location is green, there are many parks and squares, so the ecology in the quarter is at the highest level. This is the reason why healthy people choose the area to live in.

Property prices in Dubai Creek Harbour

The property cost in Dubai Creek Harbour depends on the distance of housing from the seashore, the floor of the apartment, what stage of construction the community is at, whether it has been commissioned, the area of housing, and the number of rooms.

  • The initial cost of a 66 m2 studio is AED 1.050 million (almost $286,000).
  • A 60 m2 one-bedroom apartment can be purchased for at least AED 900,000 ($245,000).
  • The starting price of a 103 m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is AED 1,080 million ($294,000).
  • The minimum cost of a 263 m2 three-bedroom residence is AED 988,888 (a bit more than $269,200).
  • A 218 m2 four-bedroom flat is sold for at least AED 1.1 million ($299,500).

Dubai Creek Harbour properties are not so cheap as it seems at first sight — there are more expensive options, for example:

  • A 697 m2 apartment with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms is put up for sale for AED 36 million (over $9.8 million).
  • A 636 m2 penthouse with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms can be purchased for AED 15 million (almost $4.084 million).

Real estate investment in Dubai Creek Harbour

Investors with rich experience prefer to invest in the Dubai Creek Harbour properties, as there is a great variety of gated premium complexes. According to experts, the ROI in apartments in such residential communities is about 12–30% higher than in other complexes. This is good news for investors, businessmen, and other real estate hunters.

Additionally, the Dubai Creek Tower is underway in the quarter. It will become the world’s tallest building after commissioning. The construction will attract numerous tourists to the area, which will cause demand for local residences among tenants and buyers. The average ROI in flats in the quarter is 5%.

Foreigners will be able to buy real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour for investment and permanent residence in 2023. Residences in off-plan communities are rapidly increasing in price as construction work progresses, so if you purchase highly liquid and profitable housing before putting the residential complex into operation, you can earn up to 20% of the cost of a villa or apartment in Dubai.

Moreover, the buyer of an apartment or villa in Dubai from developers worth at least AED 750,000 ($204,000) has the opportunity to become a two-year resident visa holder. Owners of real estate for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour for at least AED 2 million ($544,500) can get a ten-year golden visa.

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Prices for real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour are available on the Emirates.Estate aggregator. This web resource offers the best deals from developers and agencies.

Website users can pick up housing by easy search with the following parameters: city, type of property, number of rooms, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, area, primary or secondary housing, purchase by instalments or not, number of floors in the house, date of commissioning of overseas properties, distance to the seashore and the nearest airport, fully, partially furnished or unfurnished and with/without household appliances. Moreover, you can see the prices in dollars and euros on the website.

If necessary, you can consider buying a property in Dubai Creek Harbour with a mortgage or in instalments. Real estate brokers and lawyers will guide you through all stages of the transaction: from choosing the right apartment to receiving keys. You can buy real estate in Dubai Creek Harbour remotely while in your home country.