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Apartments for Sale in Jumeirah

Jumeirah, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, is known for its luxurious property in Dubai. It is bordered by the Dubai Marina community to the west and Downtown Dubai to the east. In the 20th century, Jumeirah became a unique territory with a concentration of lavish villas, restaurants, and hotels. The iconic Burj Al Arab, shaped like a sail and completed in 1999, has become a symbol of both the Jumeirah community and Dubai as a whole. Today, this district combines Arabic tradition with modern luxury and it is famous for its sandy beaches and one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

This place is divided into several communities, including Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2, Jumeirah 3, City Walk, and the newly developed Jumeirah Bay Islands. Various well-known companies, such as Emaar Properties, Nakheel, Meraas Holding, and Dubai Properties Group, develop real estate in these communities. These companies design and construct not only apartment complexes and villas but also commercial facilities like hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Jumeirah is quite appealing for real estate investment due to its prestigious status, beautiful beaches, and proximity to Dubai's attractions. According to annual reports, local villas are highly sought-after for rent, making it the most popular neighbourhood in the emirate.

Here, flats and apartments are selling out fast. Some of the most famous housing estates include:

  • La Mer Residences, neighbouring La Mer beach, provides apartments in Dubai with a view of the bay and all necessary amenities such as restaurants, stores, and a spa.
  • Pearl Jumeirah. A unique community on a man-made island, surrounded by lush greenery and beaches. There are gorgeously designed apartments, villas, and townhouses with cutting-edge amenities.
  • Sunset at Creek Beach on the sides of the Dubai Creek. It offers apartments with river and beach views, as well as access to numerous restaurants, stores, and parks with lush green zones.

Overall, the district has a unique blend of lavishness, tradition, and modernity, making it an ideal location for those seeking high-end real estate in Dubai. These complexes offer stunning views of landmarks like Burj Al Arab or Dubai Marina.


The starting price for studios in this area is AED 770,000. If you want to buy a 1-bedroom apartment in Jumeirah, it will cost you between AED 1.1 and AED 5.9 million. The average price for a 2-bedroom apartment in Jumeirah is AED 1.5 million. Interested investors can also purchase a 3-bedroom apartment starting from AED 3 million. For those looking for larger spaces, 4-bedroom apartments start at AED 5.5 million AED, and luxury 5-bedroom apartments can cost around AED 9.5 million. Additionally, there are villas with 3–5 bedrooms available in the community. The minimum price for three-bedroom villas in Dubai located in this community is AED 6 million.

When it comes to renting, the price range for studios is between AED 45,000 and AED 55,000 per year. For apartments with 1 bedroom, the average rent is about AED 90,000, and for 2-bedroom apartments, it is around AED 135,000. Renting a 3-bedroom apartment will cost you AED 195,000, while a 4-bedroom apartment can be available for AED 350,000.

In terms of return on investment (ROI), the highest ROI is 5.7% for apartments in Jumeirah. According to statistics, the most profitable investment options are apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms. However, apartments with 3 and 4 bedrooms also show a high ROI of 4.6% and 4.2% respectively.

Apartments in Jumeirah for investments

Jumeirah has multiple apartment complexes, from low-rise to impressive high-rise buildings. Investing in real estate in Jumeirah is a wise and justified decision. The main pros of local housing estate are as follows:

  • High quality and extravagance. Apartments in Jumeirah are distinguished by and finished to a high standard. They feature up-to-date designs, panoramic windows, high ceilings, and parquet floors. All kitchens are equipped with built-in sets.
  • Premium amenities. Many housing estates in Jumeirah have a huge selection of amenities. These are fully equipped fitness centers, large outdoor swimming pools, landscaped gardens, saunas, and Jacuzzis. On the territory, there are children's playgrounds, tennis, and basketball courts.
  • Safety. Buildings are equipped with modern security systems, such as round-the-clock video surveillance and electronic checkpoints. The complexes are guarded 24/7.

All of these factors contribute to the attractiveness of Jumeirah properties for both potential tenants and buyers.

It is profitable to buy an apartment in Jumeirah

Before you invest in real estate in Jumeirah, it is highly advisable to conduct thorough market research to check the potential rental income. It is also recommended to consult with professionals to make an informed decision. You can reach out to our specialists today to receive a comprehensive consultation and have all your questions answered.

Our experts will discuss the various options available, considering your budget and preferences. They will also provide information on different methods of acquiring real estate, such as mortgage or instalment plans. Don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance. We look forward to assisting you!