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Property for sale in Meydan

Property in Meydan for investment and living offers housing in a prestigious area located along Ras Al Khor Road and Al Ain Road. This community, whose name translates as "meeting place," has become a symbol of the synthesis of business opportunities, leisure and luxury in the heart of Dubai.

The project was launched in 2007 as a venue for the FIFA World Cup, which significantly contributed to the development of infrastructure geared towards accommodating a large number of guests. It includes hotels, restaurants, concert and exhibition halls and entertainment clubs.

The community is renowned for hosting major cultural and sports events, including the annual Dubai World Cup horse race. Property in Dubai within this community falls under freehold projects, enabling foreigners to buy property in Meydan and manage it as they see fit.

In the area, one can purchase apartments, townhouses and villas in Dubai. The territory is divided into several blocks. The Gated Community cluster focuses on villas and townhouses, while the Avenue community is planned to offer 37 buildings that will house 1–3 bedroom apartments. Additionally, the Meydan One cluster combines commercial spaces and elite housing.

The average property prices in Meydan are as follows:

  • 1-bedroom flats can be purchased for AED 865,000 (USD 235,500);
  • 2-bedroom flats are sold for AED 1.4 million (USD 381,000);
  • 3-bedroom housing in Meydan is available for AED 2.3 million (USD 626,000).

The cost of houses starts from AED 2 million (USD 544,500). The more spacious the villa, the higher its price. For example, the average price of a mansion with 5 bedrooms is AED 6.8 million (USD 1.85 million), while villas with 6 bedrooms are offered for AED 12 million (USD 3.27 million).

Lifestyle in Meydan

The community offers a unique combination of modern amenities, luxury and access to cultural and entertainment events. All the buildings here are modern. Most complexes include swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds and lounges, as well as cafês, restaurants, shops, spas, coworking spaces, business centres and more.

Everything necessary for daily life is within walking distance. One of the city's largest malls, One Mall, is being constructed within the community. For daily shopping, residents can head to branches of major supermarkets, including Carrefour and Spinneys.

Preschool and school institutions are available in neighbouring areas, including:

  • Jumeirah International Nursery and Hummingbird Nursery for preschoolers
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School for elementary education
  • Safa British School for international schooling

As the community is still developing, many social facilities have yet to be completed. However, medical assistance is available within a 10-minute drive at clinics such as Medcare and Emirates Hospital.

Residents can enjoy various world cuisines, including European, Arabic and Asian, at Al Ain Way Restaurant and Cafêteria, The Track Restaurant, Shiba Restaurant, Farriers and numerous other cafês and restaurants. Fast-food chains are also available.

Although the area lacks direct access to the sea, the journey to the coastline and Jumeirah Beach takes only 10 minutes by car. Kite Beach is just a 15-minute drive away. Additionally, it takes about 25 minutes to reach the resort community of Dubai Marina and a similar amount of time for a transfer to DXB International Airport.

The developed infrastructure of the community allows residents of houses and apartments in Dubai to lead the lifestyle they prefer, whether tranquil or filled with cultural events, sightseeing and beach relaxation.

Investment real estate in Meydan

The area is actively being developed, offering choices among both ready and yet-to-be-completed housing. Investments in under-construction projects can yield substantial profits from resale after completion. The cost of property in Meydan, UAE, at the excavation stage is 20–30% more advantageous than that of completed objects.

The long-term strategy of use is equally attractive. Purchasing property to rent out is an option, especially given that housing in a prestigious area is in demand year-round. 1–2 bedroom apartments in the community lead in investment income levels, reaching 5.7% annually. The ROI of 3-bedroom apartments is 5.1%, while villas with a similar number of bedrooms can yield up to 6.2%.

Buying property in Meydan for foreigners

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