DAMAC Properties announces the launch of the luxury project of Damac Bay

DAMAC Properties announces the launch of the luxury project of Damac Bay

The new Damac Bay by Cavalli residential complex in Dubai Harbour follows a design scheme inspired by the aesthetics of marine life, with an interior including shells, pearls and Danio fish patterns and an elegant exterior paying tribute to the calm ocean waves.


Features of the complex

Damac Properties has officially announced the launch of Damac Bay by Cavalli. This 42-storey three-tower complex with the architecture of the iconic Cavalli brand is designed to introduce residents to a luxurious life by the sea.

As an accent, the Damac Bay towers are decorated with a Cavalli-style bridge that spans the roofs. The project will offer a wide range of residences: from 1-bedroom apartments to super-luxury 5-bedroom duplexes.

Niall McLaughlin, senior vice president of Damac, said at the launch of the project: "Our goal with Damac Bay was to make the wonders of marine bliss closer to residents than ever before. The property is created for all residents who can enjoy a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle on the shores of a calm sea. Thanks to the innovative layout developed by Cavalli, the community will attract international clients interested in both accommodation and profitable investments.”

Real estate in Damac Bay by Cavalli

The structure of the project is:

  • From the 2nd to the 32nd floors, there are luxury 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, allowing residents to enjoy the comfort of living by the sea.
  • From the 33rd to the 42nd floors, there are apartments of various sizes – well-thought-out 3-5-bedroom duplexes to ensure a wonderful lifestyle by the sea.
  • On the water maze-like podium, you can relax or go on excursions with a mask and snorkel.
  • The podium also has hammocks hanging over the infinity pool on the first floor of the building, which provides convenient access to the Cavalli Lounge and its first-class menu.

Residents of Damac Bay can easily get to a private white sand beach, a variety of fine restaurants and bars, as well as an exclusive Cavalli Lounge. In addition, the three-tower project will be built to provide each apartment with beautiful sea views.

Panoramic rooftop pools at vista floating workstations will also be installed in each of the three towers, allowing residents to enjoy spectacular views. There will also be a state-of-the-art opera house on the roof, overlooking the soothing waves of the Persian Gulf.

The project culminates in a water fountain located in the central tower of the complex. Synchronized with opera music, the huge fountain will present to the audience a water show that can be seen near the towers and many miles away.

Children living here will have the opportunity to attend a virtual reality school, the lessons of which will be projected by laser onto the fountain.

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