• Dubai's property market continues to set new records, prices continue to grow

    Over the last twelve months, much of the activity has been focused on villas and townhouses. Dubai's COVID-19 response and business-friendly environment continued to positively affect the real estate market in Q3 2021 that witnessed plenty of domestic and international demand. New investors and residents were and still are attracted in Dubai by...

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  • Reasons why investors are coming back to Dubai's real estate market

    The number of buyer occupiers has dropped, the number of investors has increased. At the moment Dubai’s real estate market is driven by investors who are interested in benefiting from high return on investment (ROI) and rising rents. Last year after the pandemic restrictions had been eased, the sales transactions were dominated by future home...

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  • Expo 2020 will have a positive impact on Dubai property, which will be evident in Q4

    A great number of new buyers will discover Dubai's real estate and relative affordability during the exhibition. Housing prices in Dubai are still shy of one-fourth of their 2014 levels during the previous market cycle peak. However, Expo 2020 is definitely accelerating recovery in the sector as its positive impact becomes more visible in Q4 2021...

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  • Best September in Dubai's real estate in the past 8 years: 5,762 sales transaction worth USD 4.4 billion

    56 percent of all September sales were for secondary/ready properties, while 44 percent accounted for off-plan properties. In the months leading up to the start of the global event Expo 2020, an exceptional growth in real estate sales transactions in terms of volume and value was seen in Dubai. But the greatest results were achieved in September...

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  • Influx of millionaires is driving Dubai's residential property market growth

    About 2,000 high-net-worth individuals relocated to Dubai in the first six months of 2021. A huge influx of millionaires in Dubai has played an important part in the residential property market boom, witnessed in the emirate recently. Since 2020 several ultra-high-net-worth individuals has purchased USD 8 million plus apartments and villas in...

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  • Dubai's property sector recovery is still fragile and uneven

    Real estate’s overall recovery is still a long way off, according to S&P Global Ratings. Real estate prices in Dubai have rebounded strongly from record low levels at the end of 2020, though demand is still uneven. And due to oversupply of residential properties prices will be under pressure in the long run, which makes the recovery of the...

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  • Villa sales are still expected to grow as Expo 2020 is unfolding in Dubai

    According to a new research, up to 50% sales growth on a quarterly basis from October to December is expected in the villa segment. During the fourth quarter of 2021 Dubai's real estate sector is expected to grow driven strongly by villa sales. And as new research data show, consumer and investor sentiments continue to rise against a backdrop of...

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  • What is triggering off-plan property market recovery in Dubai?

    According to the latest data, the value of off-plan sales transactions in the third quarter rose by 47.11 percent. Dubai’s off-plan property market is witnessing a V-shaped recovery due to renewed investor confidence. And, as property analysts believe, this trend will continue in the coming months. Demand for off-plan property has started to grow...

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  • Dubai had the best third quarter in its real estate history

    Q3 2021 recorded a total of 15,926 transactions worth USD 11 billion. Q3 2021 has turned out to be the best Q3 in the whole history of Dubai real estate in terms of sales transaction value as well as in terms of sales transaction volume since 2009. When compared to Q3 2020, sales transaction volume in Q3 2021 increased by 85.36 percent and sales...

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  • Realty price bubble risk in Dubai is the lowest one, says the UBS survey

    According to a new survey conducted by a leading Swiss multinational investment bank, Dubai’s property sector is the only market with the lowest price bubble risk among 25 leading global cities. Dubai’s real estate sector is an undervalued market and also the only one classified in a lower risk category than last year among the 25 global cities,...

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