More and more Russians are thinking about moving to Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is attractive for its safe and high standard of living.

In the modern world, a person is not limited by the territory of their city or even country. If you can't find a high-paying job in your homeland, you can look for more attractive options abroad. For a long time, the leaders in the number of foreign citizens were the countries of Europe and the United States. But now more and more people choose to immigrate to the UAE.

Amendments made to the legislation significantly simplified immigration from Russia to the UAE in 2021.




  • Developed and stable economy. This ensures a high standard of living for the population. In 2021, the average salary for immigrants is five thousand dollars a month;
  • The real estate market is constantly growing. New houses and buildings are being actively built in Dubai. There are no difficulties with buying or renting real estate. Many foreigners, moving to the Emirates, buy their own property. This makes it easier to obtain a resident visa. And when investing in real estate, you can even get citizenship.
  • Favorable conditions for doing business. In this country, taxes are levied only on financial institutions and enterprises involved in the extraction of oil and natural gas. Other companies are exempt from paying taxes.
  • Quality medical care. Local authorities are interested in the development of health care. Therefore, doctors undergo their training in Western countries, use expensive equipment for treatment, and introduce the latest developments. Medicine is completely free for local residents. Working immigrants have the opportunity to take out an insurance policy annually, which gives the right to use many medical services free of charge. Insurance policy is often included in the social package for employment;
  • Low crime rate. The United Arab Emirates received the title of one of the safest countries in the world in the international ranking. Sufficiently harsh legislation, a large number of patrols on city streets and surveillance cameras installed everywhere make you feel safe even on a deserted street at night;
  • Ease of obtaining a resident visa. Having received a visa, you are practically equal to the citizens of this country. They are very friendly towards foreigners in the Emirates, not many documents are required to obtain a visa and the processing time is only one to two weeks.
  • It is not necessary to speak Arabic to live and work. All local residents are fluent in English. Documentation is usually in two languages. Therefore, it is enough to have a good level of English (both oral and written) to live in the UAE.


  • Unusual climate. Yes, the absence of winter and cold weather makes people happy. But the heat, which lasts for more than six months, is hard to bear even by local residents;
  • High food prices. Although prices are stable, some categories of goods are much higher than in Russia. For example, a kilogram of beef costs more than 70 dirhams (1400 rubles);
  • Almost all citizens of the United Arab Emirates are Muslims, not all Russians are close to the spiritual and cultural ideas of Islam.

Reasons to immigrate from Russia and the CIS countries to the UAE:

  • low standard of living;
  • high crime rate;
  • difficulties in implementing your own business projects;
  • harsh climate, etc.


Dubai is the largest and fastest growing city in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is very attractive and many are looking to move to Dubai from Russia. The population is more than 2.5 million people, and more than 80% of them are immigrants.


  1. Employment in proven companies. Many people move from Russia to Dubai for permanent residence due to high wages and comfortable working conditions. The salaries of service personnel in this city are 3-4 times higher than in the Russian Federation.
  2. Obtaining educational degree. Admission to educational institutions is one of the conditions for issuing a temporary residence permit in the UAE. Training is conducted only in English, knowledge of Arabic is optional.
  3. Investing your own funds in Arab real estate.
  4. Starting a business is one of the most effective ways to legally leave for permanent residence in the UAE.
  5. Buying property. The cost of property must be at least 1 million dirhams (about 20 million rubles). At the same time, there are no restrictions on its use, taxes are also not levied.

You can legally move to the UAE in two ways:

  • get a resident visa;
  • get citizenship.

Resident visa registration

If you are going to move to the UAE, then you need to apply for a resident visa. The concept of “residence permit” as such does not exist in the Emirates.

There are different types of resident visas, depending on the method of obtaining:

  • by buying real estate in the country;
  • opening your own company;
  • admission to study at the university;
  • employment.

Visas are issued for different periods. The minimum period is 6 months, the maximum one is 10 years.

The main advantage of an Arab residence permit for real estate is the dependence of the visa period on the amount of investment. If you buy a property worth 1 million dirham, then a visa is issued for six months. With a property price of 5 million dirhams, a visa is issued for 5 years. When buying property from 10 million dirham, a visa is issued for 10 years.

Citizenship registration

Previously, UAE citizenship was given only to women who are married to a citizen of this country or to those people who have lived in the Emirates for more than 30 years. It was virtually impossible to get an Arab passport right away.

But the governors of one of the seven emirates can grant citizenship for outstanding service to the state.

In 2021, amendments to the legislation were made, the categories of foreigners who can apply for citizenship were identified.

The following people can get an Arab passport under the amendments made:

  • investors (owners of real estate in the Emirates);
  • scientists;
  • doctors;
  • inventors;
  • representatives of creative professions.

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