Residence permit in the UAE when buying real estate

Residence permit in the UAE when buying real estate

One of the ways to obtain a residence permit in the UAE for a Russian citizen is to buy real estate in Dubai. Buying an apartment in this country is not only a good way of investment, but also a quick way to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) for the whole family. The Emirates has become a haven for many foreigners who come here for a luxurious and safe life.



There is no concept of “permanent residence” and “residence permit” in the legislation of the United Arab Emirates. All immigrants must apply for a resident visa, which gives the status of a resident and the right to reside in the territory of this country.

Resident visas in the UAE have the same functionality as a residence permit.

Visa validity directly depends on price (indicated in AED) of the purchased property:

  1. If the cost is more than 1 million, then the visa is issued for 6 months;
  2. If it is more than 1 million and it was bought in Dubai, then the visa is issued for 2 years;
  3. At a price of 5 million or more, visa period is 5 years;
  4. At a cost of more than 10 million, the resident status is valid for 10 years.


If apartment is purchased using mortgage lending, then the property is the property of the bank. Therefore, visas are only issued for a short period.

To obtain a short-term residence permit, the following conditions must be met:

  • the mortgage amount was paid in half, the apartment was purchased for more than 1 million dirhams;
  • if the apartment costs more than 1 million dirhams, and you paid 1 million dirhams, but the mortgage debt is more than 50%.


  • The price of the house is 1 million dirhams, the mortgage is paid at 51%, then you have the right to obtain resident status;
  • The price of the villa is 3 million dirhams, you made an initial payment of 1 million dirham and the bank provided a mortgage for the remaining amount, then you have the right to apply for an investor visa.

The term of a residence permit in Dubai when buying real estate will be 2 years, in other cities - 6 months.


When applying for a resident status issued for 2 years or more, an investor can obtain visas for the whole family.

There are a number of property requirements:

  • the house must be completed and ready-to-move-in;
  • the area must correspond to the number of family members or be larger;

If the apartment is owned by two investors (husband and wife), then the cost of the apartment must exceed 1 million dirhams for a family to get residence visa. And if the owners are 2 brothers, then in order to obtain a residence permit, the price of an apartment must be more than 2 million dirhams.


  • Copy of passports and visas;
  • A valid foreign passport;
  • Police Clearance Certificate;
  • A document confirming the ownership of real estate;
  • Data on the completed medical examination;
  • Photos of a specific sample;
  • Emirates ID, if any;
  • Legalized marriage certificate if the property belongs to two investors (husband and wife).

With the subsequent registration of a residence permit for dependents (children, parents, etc.), their documents will be required.


  1. The investor submits an application to the Land Department of the emirate where the apartment is purchased;
  2. The Land Board issues a letter of recommendation on the basis of the documents, which the owner submits to the police department;
  3. Police draw up a Police Clearance Certificate;
  4. Next, the owner submits a request to the Economic Department for a trade license;
  5. After collecting all the documents, the property owner applies to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) for a residence visa.

You can get a residence permit in the UAE through the purchase of real estate in 2-3 weeks after submitting the documents.


  • Open a visa: obtain an entry permit from the Federal Agency for Identity and Citizenship (ICA);
  • Arrive in the UAE: after arriving in the country, you must undergo a medical examination, apply for an Emirates ID (identity card, like a passport);
  • Search for suitable real estate - if your own funds are not enough, apply for a mortgage. After purchasing an apartment, documents confirming ownership are submitted to the Land Department
  • Apply for a residence permit: you can apply to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners (GRDFA) for an investor visa without waiting for an Emirates ID.

You can apply for a residence permit in the UAE through online services

  • GRDFA website;
  • website;
  • Mobile Apps: GDRFA Dubai, ICA eChannel, Dubai Now.

Obtaining a residence permit in Dubai is a winning solution for Russians. First: the visa is issued for a minimum period of 2 years. Secondly, there are good conditions for working and doing business in Dubai, the absence of taxes is a pleasure.

Many foreigners prefer to live in the UAE in the status of a residence permit (resident) for many years without applying for citizenship. In addition, it is extremely difficult for citizens of Russia and other countries to obtain UAE citizenship.


  • By birthright (if one of the parents is an indigenous resident of this country or the parents of the child are unknown);
  • By the right of marriage (a woman can obtain citizenship after 3 years of marriage with a UAE citizen);
  • Citizenship by naturalization (immigrants who have lived in the Emirates for more than 30 years can apply for the status of a citizen of this country. Immigrants from Arab countries can obtain citizenship after 7 years of residence in the UAE);
  • For services to the state (the rulers of one of the seven emirates can donate citizenship for outstanding contributions to the development of the country);
  • Citizenship can also be obtained by representatives of demanded specialties (doctors, inventors, scientists, etc.);
  • Citizenship by investment when buying real estate.

Dual citizenship is not recognized in the UAE.

UAE citizenship provides a number of benefits:

  1. Free education (even at foreign universities);
  2. Free medical treatment;
  3. Financial support from the state;
  4. Visa-free travel to 170 countries of the world;

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