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Real estate in Dubai is a valuable asset with high investment potential. It brings up to 10% of income, which if certain conditions are met will not only become the dream embodiment of a beautiful life in a prosperous country, but also strengthen your financial stability and give you confidence in the future. Many foreign citizens choose real estate in Dubai by the sea for investment or residence, to try their entrepreneurial skills in the international arena or to subsequently settle in Dubai.

The official website of Emirates.Estate analyzed the situation in UAE market and prepared up-to-date information on what opportunities will open up for Dubai real estate investors in 2023.

We will help you to profitably invest in real estate in Dubai

The secret way to wisely invest in the Emirates, in Dubai, lies in awareness and the ability to deeply analyze the local real estate market. Having a solid theoretical base and experience, you can certainly avoid failure and reach a stable level of earnings. However, do not rush to despair if you are a beginner and want to try your hand, but lack experience or certain skills.

Emirates.Estate specialists have been successfully working with the real estate markets of UAE and Dubai in particular for several years and know how to invest wisely. Delegate the tasks of finding a suitable owner or property, and they will find a relevant investment project in Dubai according to your capabilities and preferences.

Compliance with the legal side of the issue is monitored by experienced lawyers with experience in the field of lease registration and sale transactions. They will provide comprehensive support at all stages: from searching for an object and signing an agreement to handing over the keys. Here they will always help you and answer the most burning questions.

The assortment of real estate in the metropolis is incredibly huge. In order to be able to navigate in it, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common types of objects that are most often chosen by investors in Dubai profitable real estate.

Investment in apartments in Dubai

One of the ways to make money on real estate is to invest in an apartment in Dubai. The most popular option is to start renting out housing, short or long term. Apartments in Dubai are in demand among both visitors and the local population, so there will be no problems with tenants. At the same time, you can be in a completely different country, all organizational issues regarding the search for tenants, etc., will be dealt with by a trusted company.

You can buy apartment in Dubai for investment at a very reasonable price. The best deals are in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Here you can buy a studio of 45 m² with a good renovation and sea views for 352 560 AED.

No less attractive options are found on Palm Jumeirah - a popular center for luxury real estate. Furnished apartments with a private beach and all amenities can be purchased for 724 438 AED.

Your profitability, subject to rental housing, can reach 10% per annum.


Penthouses are elite real estate in Dubai, high profitability of which is confirmed by stable demand and naturally growing prices for objects of this type. Penthouses are regularly visited by businessmen arriving in Dubai on business matters, locals in order to diversify their leisure time, as well as ordinary tourists, thereby increasing their liquidity.

The specificity of Dubai penthouses is in their large area, gorgeous view from the windows and a special organization of living space, which often involves the presence of spacious rooms, terraces and balconies. This is largely why people prefer them.

From an economic point of view, purchasing a penthouse in Dubai will be a smart and successful investment that is guaranteed to pay off within a few years.

Villas and townhouses

Villas and townhouses are especially popular in Dubai. They are suitable for both permanent residence and seasonal vacations, so the demand for them remains consistently high. Therefore, this type of real estate investment in UAE is potentially profitable.

A townhouse is a smaller version of a villa or cottage. It usually has several floors. They are in a kind of cooperative with other similar houses in the neighborhood. Arabian townhouses in Dubai can be located in open spaces near the sea or be guarded 24/7 in a gated community. The location can also vary. The most interesting options for townhouses are presented in the Valley, on the Palm Jumeirah and in Mohammed Bin Rashid.

The villa is perhaps the most attractive investment property in Dubai. Their assortment is truly huge. The range of prices and locations is just as amazing. Most of the villas are spacious, with 2 to 8 rooms and a staff room. They are fully equipped for living, so you can move in immediately after purchase, and many of the properties are located right on the beach and have their own access to the beach.

Unlike apartments, villas are more suitable for couples and those who prefer to live away from the bustle of the city.

Investments in new buildings under construction in Dubai

Apartments in new buildings in Dubai are much cheaper at the construction stage than finished apartments. Buying such a house, you give the developer a credit of trust, so that upon completion of the work, you will receive a good apartment, the cost of which will quickly pay off. Subsequently, they will begin to work only for you, bringing in a stable income.

New buildings in Dubai are offering the most attractive prices for the purchase of housing under construction:

Jumeirah Village Circle - 1-bedroom, total area is 37m², costs AED 403 975. Residential complex with all amenities is located in the center of Dubai. It has swimming pools, a gym, jogging tracks, children's play areas.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers is 1-room apartment with an area of ​​40 m², located in an ultra-modern residential complex with all amenities, 500 meters from the sea. The cost of such an apartment at the construction stage is 420 000 AED.

Investment return on real estate in Dubai (UAE)

Investment return on real estate is confirmed by the high demand among foreigners. Dubai is a popular tourist destination, a high-tech and developed city in every sense, which attracts the people attention from all over the world. Real estate in Dubai (UAE), especially residential properties, is capable of generating high rental income for owners. The indicator of net profit from renting flats and apartments for long-term and short-term rent is on average from 5 to 10%.

How to choose a suitable object

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the tastes and preferences of people in terms of real estate selection. For example, in 2021, there is an increase in consumer demand for spacious real estate in quiet areas with convenient infrastructure, next to green areas: parks, alleys, etc. - the months spent in self-isolation affect.

The shift to remote work has also contributed - more and more people are looking for housing with a separate office or additional rooms to separate living and working space. When buying apartment in Dubai for investment, you can focus on these trends.

Investing in high profitability Dubai real estate

Investments in real estate in United Arab Emirates every year become relevant for a large circle of people. What else attracts them in this direction?

  • High demand for all types of real estate among tourists and local population and, as a result, high profitability.
  • Fast return on investment property - within several years.
  • Favorable economic climate and loyal conditions in relation to foreign entrepreneurs from the state of United Arab Emirates.
  • Freehold zones - free ownership territories of real estate with the right to transfer, donate and alienate. Here the owner is the rightful owner of the object.
  • A wide range of real estate, including finished objects and projects under construction.
  • Large price range. The minimum amount to enter the real estate market in Dubai (UAE) is $ 2 700. For this amount, you can buy housing in the coastal area, not far from the beach, with a ready-made renovation and all the amenities.
  • Profitability from renting out housing reaches 10% per annum.
  • Ability to obtain a UAE resident visa for real estate investments, stay in the country with the whole family, live and do business without the need to renew the permit.
  • No taxes on business income.

Transparent legislation - all sales and purchases are overseen by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority, which enforces the rule of law.