• TOP 10 reasons to invest in real estate in Dubai

    Real estate in Dubai, which includes both residential and commercial stock, high-rise buildings and detached houses, the most modern complexes, is unique. Huge and tall buildings, various projects were completed in the shortest possible time. In just a few decades, the desert, which was located on the site of a modern metropolis, has become one of...

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  • What is the difference between apartments and other housing in Dubai

    Now such type of real estate as apartments is becoming more and more popular in Dubai. They are gaining popularity not only in Europe, but also in Asia. Increasingly, apartments are built in the United Arab Emirates, in particular in Dubai. Why did such housing enter our lives so quickly? Why do people like them so much? How do apartments differ...

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  • What you can't save on when choosing real estate in Dubai

    Is it worth it or not to buy a property in Dubai? It depends on whether you want to visit this city regularly, for example, to relax during your vacation. Someone buys a cottage or apartment here to rent out and have a good income. Many people look for and buy housing for resale and make a profit from it. Under what conditions do foreigners buy...

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  • Why it is profitable to buy real estate in Dubai in the summer

    According to a report made by representatives of the city's Land Department, Russians are actively buying up real estate in Dubai, ranking fifth among foreign investors. Citizens of India, Pakistan, Great Britain, and Iran take the first four places in this list of buyers. The citizens of the United States and Canada are behind our compatriots...

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  • In what district of Dubai is it best to buy an apartment?

    The housing market is surprisingly multi-faceted in Dubai. Every year, it is replenished with hundreds of "comfort+" class objects, in which all the conditions for ensuring a high standard of living and family leisure are recreated. However, from year to year, several long-established areas have consistently high demand. They are the classic option...

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  • How COVID-19 affected the property selection in Dubai

    2020 has become a serious test of strength for all countries. Despite the lockdown, Dubai demonstrated sustainable growth in the real estate sector and managed to maintain a leading position in sales in the primary and secondary housing market. However, it was impossible to do this at all without consequences. You can read more about how the...

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  • How to make money on real estate in Dubai in 2021

    The United Arab Emirates is one of the most economically and politically stable countries in the world. Competent management and economic diversification have brought the UAE to a fundamentally new standard of living. Dubai occupies a key place in this economic miracle. This technological and ultra-modern metropolis is rightfully on the 10th place...

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  • How to make money on real estate in the UAE in 2021?

    2021 promises to be a year of growth in the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates. The economy is reviving, new interesting objects are being built and investors from all over the world are interested in how to make profitable investments in 2021 and save their money. The experts of Emirates.Estate answers this and other popular questions...

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  • Where it is profitable to invest money in 2021 and save it – investment rules

    Where to invest in 2021? Options for profitable investments with guaranteed profit for those who look ahead. The ability to manage your money properly is a valuable and very useful skill that not everyone has but which can be learned. The year of 2020 has become a serious test of financial literacy. People without a financial cushion were...

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  • Comparison of Investment in real estate with investment programs for obtaining a residence permit in the UAE

    The UAE as an investment platform There are favorable economic conditions, advanced infrastructure, lots of real estate properties under construction and ready-made ones, developed tourism and a generally high standard of living in the United Arab Emirates. And these advantages promote the status of the country as a promising investment platform...

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