• Resident visas in Dubai for investors and entrepreneurs

    Contents: Investor Visa in Dubai Types of investments in Dubai to obtain a visa Investor visa for an Emirati company Dubai visa when buying real estate Golden Visa in Dubai How to apply for an investor visa in Dubai Investor visa price in the UAE Investor visa for 10 years Investor visa for 5 years Investor visa for 3 years We...

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  • TOP 10 new buildings to buy an apartment in Dubai

    Contents: Most popular new buildings in Dubai among foreigners The Residences Dorchester Collection Seven Hotel and Residences Golf Views ELS La Voile Act One | Act Two Bayz by Danube Downtown Views II District One Residences Reflection Choose an apartment to buy in Dubai Most popular new buildings in Dubai among foreigners The...

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  • Do foreigners need a visa for Dubai?

    Contents: Rules of entry to the UAE for foreigners Types of visas What documents do I need to apply for a visa for Dubai? Where to apply for a visa in the UAE Terms of obtaining a visa to the UAE Costs and penalties for violating the visa regulations in the UAE We will help you buy real estate in the UAE Rules of entry to the UAE for...

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  • Detailed overview of the UAE real estate market per emirate

    Real estate in the United Arab Emirates has always been popular with property hunters from all over the world. After a slight decline in sales caused by the global economic crisis and pandemic, the situation is recovering. Property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most popular options, however the other emirates are experiencing an increase in home...

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  • Land plots for sale in UAE: great investment offers

    For a long time, the legislation of United Arab Emirates did not allow foreigners to own real estate and land. The authorities sought to support locals and protect them from possible infringement of their rights. However, they realised that the demand for property in UAE among expats can be used to develop the country's economy. Changes were made...

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  • Mortgage in Dubai for foreigners

    Dubai is a city of great opportunities. It is possible to buy real estate in Dubai today even if you do not have the necessary amount on hand as UAE banks offer buyers the possibility of mortgage lending. Mortgages are issued not only to residents of the United Arab Emirates but also to visiting foreigners. Contents: Features of mortgage...

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  • Secondary housing market in the UAE: current situation and trends

    Investing in overseas real estate is a great solution regardless of whether you are planning to move to the country or are a property hunter. The housing in the United Arab Emirates is in high demand among foreigners. The most popular destination for foreign property buyers is Dubai. It is a metropolis with a highly developed infrastructure and a...

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  • Dubai’s 4 Greenest and Most Lush Neighborhoods

    The UAE is a rare and unique country rich in both material wealth and luxury, as well as, lush landscapes. Is it any wonder then that increasingly more foreigners are coming to the UAE to find work. Yet, some foreigners do decide to move here permanently. Perhaps part of the reason for this lies in this city’s appeal, as Dubai was once a mysterious...

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  • Comparison of UAE real estate market with other world’s top cities

    United Arab Emirates is a popular destination for relocation and investment. The demand for properties for sale in Dubai is as high as ever. This is one of the country's largest cities, where property prices are relatively lower than in other popular cities in the world. The real estate market is rapidly growing and attracts investors from all over...

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  • How to register a rental agreement in Dubai?

    The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful country and is known for its luxury and wealth. As such, it should come as no surprise then that many more foreigners are increasingly choosing this country as their new place of residence. Some of them purchase real estate in Dubai to make money in the rental business in order to secure their future...

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