• Time to buy real estate in Dubai: how seasonality affects pricing

    The UAE remains one of the most popular destinations for foreign investors, therefore many are interested in when to buy real estate in Dubai. Its cost depends on various factors, one of which is the time of year. Seasonality can influence pricing, as the market exhibits a certain cyclicality. Content: Seasonal factors and their impact Peak...

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  • Best restaurants in Dubai

    Top restaurants in Dubai offer a wide selection of dishes that satisfy diverse taste preferences and reflect the multicultural palette of this resort city. The city is multicultural, and this has undoubtedly influenced its menu. The metropolis offers a wide range of cuisines from different parts of the world. You can find restaurants in Dubai with...

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  • Hotel real estate development in the UAE

    According to analytical studies, hotel real estate in the UAE holds the top position globally, surpassing even Turkey in terms of construction pace. Dubai, the most popular tourist destination, leads the way. Abu Dhabi comes second in terms of the number of hotel rooms under construction. Foreigners can own property in the UAE on equal terms with...

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  • Real estate development in the UAE: from planning to implementation

    Investing in real estate in Dubai, UAE, remains one of the popular forms of financial investment. The country boasts tremendous economic potential, evident from the pace of development of its major cities. Real estate development in Dubai is one of the critical directions that influence the overall economy. Foreign buyers are drawn to the great...

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  • Real estate design in the UAE

    The real estate design in Dubai is aimed at fulfilling two main tasks: making the lives of property owners more comfortable and attracting the attention of guests and tenants. Many construction companies seek to collaborate with popular fashion houses or architectural bureaus to enhance the prestige of residential complexes and create unique...

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  • Traditions of the Arab People

    Traditions in the UAE are an integral part of the country’s culture and way of life. Passed down from generation to generation, these customs have become the foundation of the people’s identity and values. They encompass deep historical, religious, and sociocultural aspects, reflecting the hospitality of the native population, harmony with nature,...

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  • Top Apps for a Comfortable Life in the UAE

    When it comes to mobile apps, Dubai offers a multitude of practical tools that will make your stay in the UAE as convenient as possible. The Emirates actively develop and promote digital technologies, creating software that allows residents and visitors to enjoy grocery deliveries, order taxis, receive medical consultations through government...

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  • Penalties for Tourists in the UAE: What to Know

    Despite the cosmopolitan nature, economic prosperity, and international significance of the United Arab Emirates, tourist fines in Dubai and other emirates are crucial information that everyone arriving in this country should be well aware of and prepared for. To avoid troubles, it is essential to understand the laws and customs of the country...

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  • Comparing Real Estate Markets: Dubai vs. Hong Kong

    Dubai real estate is one of the leading investment sectors not only in the UAE but also globally. This is attributed to a favourable economic climate, low taxes, and a comfortable business environment. The number of transactions with property in Dubai continues to rise, reaching a record 133,300 transactions totalling USD 112 billion in 2023....

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  • Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Real Estate in Dubai

    Buying real estate in Dubai is a responsible step that requires thorough preparation. Offering excellent investment opportunities, this city attracts more buyers with each passing year. However, there are several mistakes that novice investors make when purchasing a house or apartment in Dubai. In our article, we will discuss the most common...

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