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Al Ghadeer
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Al Ghadeer is a community in Abu Dhabi, located on the border with Dubai. Developed by ALDAR, this fast-growing area features high-rise buildings and quarters with villas and townhouses. This area with residential property in Abu Dhabi has consistently remained in high demand due to its ideal location, which allows residents to commute quickly and easily to key locations in Dubai. It fully satisfies the demand for affordable yet lucrative apartments in Abu Dhabi among investors, as Al Ghadeer's real estate has enjoyed unwavering interest from tenants in recent years.

Min. sale price
Studio310 000 AED
1-bed apartment370 000 AED
2-bed apartment520 000 AED
Villa1 850 000 AED
Avg. sale price
Studio377 917 AED
1-bed apartment524 797 AED
2-bed apartment722 730 AED
Villa2 173 684 AED
Min. rental price
Studio3 167 AED
1-bed apartment2 917 AED
2-bed apartment3 333 AED
Villa11 666 AED
Avg. rental price
Studio3 167 AED
1-bed apartment2 972 AED
2-bed apartment4 216 AED
Villa11 666 AED
Properties in the areaApartment, townhouse, villa
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  • Prestigious neighborhood
  • The area of the district is:
    32.0 sq mi
Where is Al Ghadeer?

The residential community Al Ghadeer is situated on the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is in close proximity to the DWC and Dubai Industrial City areas, and just a 20-minute drive from the Al Maktoum International Airport. The community is also conveniently located near Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Street, providing easy transportation throughout the city and towards Dubai.

What residential projects and communities are in Al Ghadeer?

As one of the youngest areas in the city, Al Ghadeer was built using the modern principle of integrated development, whereby all necessary infrastructure is created alongside residential quarters.

The community is still under construction, but some residential complexes, including Al Khaleej Village and Al Waha, have already been completed. The most popular buildings in Al Ghadeer are located here.

Al Khaleej Village is one of the premium settlements in Al Ghadeer that allows pets. The complex features a modern indoor parking facility, and its residents have access to internal infrastructure and recreational areas, making it a popular choice for many people.

Foreigners from different parts of the world come to purchase properties in Al Khaleej Village, making the community multicultural. The selection of high-quality residences available in the complex caters to buyers with varying budgets.

Interestingly, there are almost all types of residential properties available in Al Khaleej Village, including villas, townhouses, and apartments in Abu Dhabi. If you are interested in space that provides privacy but is not too isolated from neighbors, then townhouses could be a good option.

Al Sabeel is one of the best places to buy apartments in Al Ghadeer. The complex offers studios and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, and is one of the most popular in the area. The building features a gym, playground, community center, and gardens, ensuring high levels of comfort for its residents.

The size of the apartments in Al Sabeel ranges from 42 to 90 sq. m. Therefore, buying property in this building can be a good investment if you are interested in small apartments with high returns on investment.

Another popular residential complex for purchasing apartments in Al Ghadeer is Al Waha. It is one of the premium communities, which is popular among both locals and expats. The apartments reflect the relaxed lifestyle of the area, with first-class interiors in calm tones and an equally relaxed internal atmosphere, which is ideal for singles, young couples, and families with children.

In Al Waha, you can find studios and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 42 to 102 sq. m.

Average real estate prices in Al Ghadeer

The average price of a studio apartment in the Al Ghadeer community is AED 400,000 ($109,000), while a 1-bedroom apartment costs around AED 500,000 ($136,000) and a 2-bedroom apartment costs AED 1.15 million ($313,000). The average cost of a villa is AED 1.75 million ($476,000), while townhouses cost AED 1.3 million ($354,000). However, when choosing a property in the community, it's important to consider not only the number of bedrooms and the type of property, but also the total area, the level of development of the internal and external infrastructure, and of course the real estate sales trends in Al Ghadeer. In some complexes, apartments and houses may be more popular than in others, which also affects their value. Some complexes in Al Ghadeer are already completed, while others are still under construction, so apartments in the latter are often less expensive.

Prices in the most popular complexes in the community are as follows:

The average cost of a studio apartment in Al Sabeel is AED 400,000 ($109,000), while 1-bedroom apartments cost AED 675,000 ($184,000).

Studios in Al Khaleej Village average AED 375,000 ($102,000). 1-bedroom apartments cost around AED 500,000 ($136,000). If you have a large family, you can buy a 2-bedroom apartment here with an average price of AED 700,000 ($190,500).

In Al Waha, studios cost an average of AED 350,000 ($95,000), while one-bedroom apartments cost AED 700,000 ($190,500).

Average real estate rental prices in Al Ghadeer

Property owners in Al Ghadeer can rent out their apartments and villas in Abu Dhabi to residents. The rental trends for properties in Al Ghadeer are as follows: the annual rent for a studio apartment starts at AED 27,000 ($7,350), while a 1-bedroom apartment can be rented for a minimum of AED 35,000 ($9,500) annually. Those interested in renting a townhouse or villa in Abu Dhabi should expect to pay a minimum of AED 55,000 ($15,000) per year.

Studios have the highest return on investment (ROI), up to 7.9% per year. This is followed by 1-bedroom apartments with a 7.2% ROI and 2-bedroom apartments with a 6.9% ROI. A two-bedroom house can generate rental income of up to 6.4% per annum.

How to get from Al Ghadeer to famous attractions?

Thanks to its convenient location on the border of two of the most popular emirates, residents of the Al Ghadeer community have access to a variety of entertainment options in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Just a 12-minute drive away is Last Exit, a food truck theme park, a favorite weekend destination for Emirati families. Also, within a 12-minute drive is the popular Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club, which thrills thrill-seekers and equestrians alike. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a famous landmark in Abu Dhabi, is 50 minutes away, while the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai is 45 minutes away.

In addition, the famous Dubai Parks & Resorts complex, which includes three theme parks, is located nearby: Legoland, where everything is made of Lego bricks; Motiongate, which offers a wide range of attractions for children and adults; and Bollywood Parks Dubai, a Bollywood-themed park with rides, stunt shows and performances.

Where to go shopping in Al Ghadeer?

The malls in Al Ghadeer are not only attractive for their size and wide range of products, but also for their focus on environmental friendliness. The Market is a shopping complex that allows residents to purchase freshly harvested organic produce. The Shed is a store that offers all kinds of agricultural tools and equipment for those who prefer to grow their own vegetables. The Hub is a large shopping center where residents can purchase products from local manufacturers.

Al Ghadeer residents also enjoy visiting the Ibn Battuta Mall, which is just a 30-minute drive from the area. The Outlet Village is another shopping destination just a 20-minute drive away. You can also head to Sapphire Mall in Dubai Industrial City, which is just a 10-minute drive away.

Supermarkets in Al Ghadeer are located on the ground floors of residential complexes. There is also a small Al Ghadeer Bakala store in the area where you can purchase daily necessities.

Which schools and kindergartens to choose in Al Ghadeer?

Al Ghadeer also has several kindergartens and schools. The Al Ghadeer International School, which follows the British curriculum, can accommodate up to 1,500 students. The educational process at the British Oak Montessori Nursery is based on the progressive program developed by Maria Montessori. The nursery is located in the Waha Building residential complex.

What clinics and hospitals are in Al Ghadeer?

If you need medical services in Al Ghadeer, the NMC Royal Hospital is only 25 minutes away.

What transport is available in Al Ghadeer?

How to get to Al Ghadeer? Most residents use their own cars to get to Al Ghadeer. They don't have to worry about parking, as all villas, townhouses and residential complexes in the community have designated parking spaces. In addition, cars can be parked in shopping center parking lots or in special public guest parking areas within the community.

Currently, there is no public transportation in Al Ghadeer. However, the launch of Dubai's first supersonic transportation system was recently announced, and its route will pass through this community. This advanced mode of transportation will allow passengers to travel at speeds of up to 1,200 km/h between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Which hotels are the best in Al Ghadeer?

Al Ghadeer is not considered a tourist destination, so there is no tourist infrastructure in the area. However, if you need to stay in this area specifically, you can find some private listings from homeowners on Airbnb or similar sites that offer temporary accommodations.

Most popular restaurants in Al Ghadeer

It is a common misconception that since Al Ghadeer is not a tourist destination, there are no restaurants. This is not the case. The community is family-oriented and self-sufficient, and its residents enjoy spending time outside of their homes. New Creek, Metro Falcon, San Marco, and Maruf Desert Cafe are some of the nearby establishments where you can find delicious food.

How to spend your free time in Al Ghadeer?

Where to go in Al Ghadeer? The community has swimming pools, public clubs, cafes, and a sports center that are frequented by locals.

The community looks fresh and vibrant with perfectly manicured lawns and plenty of trees. As an eco-friendly neighborhood, Al Ghadeer offers several options for eco-recreation. For example, there is The Field agricultural complex, which includes several mini farms that are rented out to people who enjoy growing their own crops. You can also visit The Studio, an educational center that holds seminars and programs to raise awareness about sustainable development and home farming.

Al Ghadeer is known as a peaceful family community where life is safe and private. You can take a stroll through Al Ghadeer as there are many interconnected walking trails. There are also bicycle trails, so cycling is a favorite activity of the locals. There are many parks in the area where you can spend the weekend with your family, get together with friends, have a barbecue, and simply enjoy a peaceful retreat surrounded by greenery.

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