Dubai Land

Dubai Land
Area description

Dubailand is a major 2003 project by Dubai Properties, the largest developer in the UAE. To date, the construction has not been completed yet. The area will be a mixed housing development. Dubailand has 25 properties here. The community has everything necessary for a comfortable life such as shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment tourist complexes. For those who want to invest in real estate in Dubai, the community will be profitable, as the infrastructure of the area targets tourists.

Min. sale price
Studio345 000 AED
1-bed apartment352 000 AED
2-bed apartment577 500 AED
Villa650 000 AED
Avg. sale price
Studio507 572 AED
1-bed apartment781 883 AED
2-bed apartment1 109 173 AED
Villa5 355 956 AED
Min. rental price
Studio2 916 AED
1-bed apartment3 833 AED
2-bed apartment6 500 AED
Villa7 916 AED
Avg. rental price
Studio3 302 AED
1-bed apartment4 233 AED
2-bed apartment6 791 AED
Villa30 853 AED
Properties in the areaApartment, townhouse, villa
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  • Type of buildings:
  • Prestigious neighborhood
  • Beautiful view
Where is Dubailand?

It is close to the central metropolitan Sheikh Zayed highway. The area includes several themed spaces. They are:

  • Global Village is the world’s largest fair. The exclusive feature has uniquely styled pavilions with architectural features of different countries.
  • Dubai Autodrome is a spacious go-kart racing track with various high-class tracks.
  • Al Sahra Desert Resort is an area with premium cafés and restaurants.
  • Arabian Ranches is a residential community with luxury villas focused on ecological living and unity with nature.
  • Dubai Sports City is a community designed for active lifestyle enthusiasts. It has several sports grounds, fitness clubs, and running and cycling paths.

The community is under construction and several buildings are almost ready to be put into operation. Furthermore, the finished ones have made the community one of the most popular places in the emirate. Another advantage is that foreigners can buy real estate as Dubailand is a freehold zone.

It offers various properties like theme parks, shopping centers, and residential complexes. The community is popular with residents, foreigners, and investors due to low rents and a wide choice of properties.

There are various types of housing in this area, the price of which depends on the location and the size of the apartment in Dubai.

Here you can buy or rent:

  • studio apartments:
  • apartments with several bedrooms;
  • villas and townhouses.

The metropolis has many public beaches. However, there is no access to the sea in Dubailand. The nearest beach is Jumeirah. Residents can get to this place in half an hour.

What residential complexes and communities are there in Dubailand?

This area has everything for a comfortable stay for couples and single people. The proximity to the city center makes this part of the emirate attractive to the rich. The most popular residential complexes are:

  • Skycourt Towers is a complex of 6 high-rise buildings with buildings, offices, cafés, shopping areas, and restaurants. The main highways of the emirate are close to the community. The distinctive feature of the complex is the original architecture of all the buildings.
  • Rukan is a closed community with premium townhouses. It is located in Wadi Al Safa. Nearby, there are golf courses, shopping malls, supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants.
  • Living Legends is a complex with luxury villas and premium apartments.
  • Falcon City Of Wanders is a gated community with comfortable infrastructure and all the necessary amenities.
  • Villanova is a complex from the leading metropolitan developer, Dubai Properties. It has many luxury villas and spacious cottages in a modern style.
Average prices for buying real estate in Dubailand

There are flats and apartments at the average prices:

  • studios — $87 667;
  • with 1 bedroom — $122,789;
  • with 2 bedrooms — $168 800;
  • with 3 bedrooms — $346,315;
  • with 4 bedrooms — $427,170.

Real estate in the Golf Verde project under construction is in high demand. This complex is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2021.

The average selling price of villas and townhouses ranges from $271,715 for 2 bedrooms and reaches $913,704 for 6 bedrooms.

Average property rental prices in Dubailand

Real estate investments in Dubialand are highly profitable. The average rental price of housing depends on the size and degree of comfort. Prices are in dollars:

  • studio apartment — $5989;
  • 1-bedroom apartment — $8440;
  • 2-bedroom apartment — $12,251;
  • 3-bedroom apartment — $21,780;
  • 4-bedroom apartment — $31,309.

The Living Legends residential complex and the Skycourt Towers are popular with tenants. They rent comfortable apartments with 2-3 bedrooms. Apartments in Layan are also convenient for rent. Those who prefer to live in houses can rent a townhouse in the closed community of Al Habtoor. The average annual rental price of a townhouse or villa is $19,875 for a 2-bedroom property. Renting a spacious house for a big family can cost $39,749.

Where to go shopping in Dubailand

There are many grocery stores near the Sky Court skyscrapers. There are several supermarkets such as LifeCo, West Zone, Shua Al Madina, and Thomson.

Luxury property owners can also visit the Spinneys supermarket close to the community.

Which schools and kindergartens to choose in Dubailand

There are several pre-school institutions in this part of the emirate, for example, Kids Zone, Chubby Cheeks, and Step by Step.

Parents can also enroll their child in one of the many kindergartens in neighboring communities.

The choice of educational institutions for school-age children is wide enough. One of the most popular is the Aquila elementary school which opened in September 2018 next to the Skycourt Towers. The school is part of the British education system. Children under 12 years of age study here.

Fairgreen international high school operates under the Baccalaureate (IB) system until the eighth grade. It is located in Al Waha.

There is also the GEMS Heritage school in Dubailand. It provides an educational program as in India and educates children up to the 9th grade. Another prestigious educational institution is the GEMS First Point school. It follows UK standards and teaches students until the 13th grade. These international educational institutions are located near the Villanova community.

Applicants can enroll in one of the higher education institutions in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC). There are the branches of several universities in the community:

  • Zayed University;
  • Emirates Aviation University.
What clinics and hospitals are there in Dubailand?

Ace Medical Center operates in the Skycourt D skyscraper. The residents of the Majan community can receive qualified assistance at the medical clinic of Dr. Kamkar.

There are large hospitals in the neighboring Silicon Oasis sub-community such as:

  • One of the branches of the Aster clinic network;
  • Suleiman Fakih hospital;
  • Symbiosis medical center;
  • Polyclinic MedIQ.
What kind of transport is there in Dubailand?

It is more convenient for residents of the emirate to travel by private transport. They can also rent a car. Many residents use a taxi.

Most multi-story buildings have covered parking on the first floor. Apartment owners have private parking spaces. Guests of this area can use outdoor parking. Owners of villas and townhouses can leave their vehicles on covered verandas or in private garages.

There are no metro stations in this part of the emirate yet. Public transport on offer is buses. The Global Village bus stop connects the Union metro station in Deira and stops in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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