Arthur & Hardman

Arthur & Hardman
Founded in 2005

Arthur & Hardman is a real estate developer committed to developing world-class and completely integrated lifestyle communities to meet the needs of its clients, both for residential and commercial aspects. The developer is headquartered in Dubai, and has been in partnership with the top architects, designers and contractors in the industry. Arthur & Hardman has established a strong heritage in property development by producing high-quality development.

Why choose us
Leadership across the real estate, engineering, industrial and commercial trading
Leading real estate master developer based in the UAE
All projects were delivered on time
17 years on the market
Portfolio of exceptional properties in some of the world’s most coveted locations
Commitment to delivery and a transparent approach has been acknowledged with numerous awards
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Luis Ward
I wanted to buy a new spacious and comfortable luxury apartment in Dubai near the sea with a white sandy beach, a swimming pool, green areas, panoramic windows, a large kitchen area and a living room, because I have many friends and relatives. We love spending time together. The developer Arthur & Hardman picked up a great option for me with all the above amenities. I didn’t expect the deal to go so well and fast, and soon I’ll be moving into a new home. It was a pleasure to work with this developer, especially I want to note its high standards of housing quality, state-of-the-art approaches to work, profitable deals for both sides.