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Land for sale in Dubai

Land for sale in Dubai, UAE, is a valuable asset, and its value is increasing in parallel with the city's development as a financial, cultural, commercial, and tourist centre. Investing in a well-located property is a way to generate long-term income, obtain a golden visa, and become the owner of a comfortable home. Under local legislation, foreigners have the right to buy land plots in Dubai, as well as apartments, commercial properties and villas in Dubai in various formats:

  • Leasehold: long term lease, including the right to build and use the land;
  • Freehold: full ownership of the land as private property.

If you are planning to build a custom home, you can purchase land plots in Dubai for construction and investment. Our website will help you find the perfect property to suit your goals and budget. Popular locations include:

  • Hills Estate
  • Jumeirah Bay Island
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Business Bay

These areas are considered some of the most prestigious, so the average land plots prices in Dubai can exceed AED 100,000 ($27,000) per sq. m. By comparison, in communities further from the centre, the cost can be as low as AED 1,100 ($300) per sq. m.

High-yielding properties are available in Jumeirah Village Circle, Arabian Ranches and Wadi Al Safa. When looking for land in Dubai, it is important to pay attention to the location and characteristics of the land:

  • What is the size of the plot?
  • Is there a highway nearby?
  • How close is the coastline? The closer to the beach, the higher the price;
  • Are gas, water and electricity available - additional funds are required for infrastructure, so it's better to do everything before you buy;
  • How far are the shops, metro, restaurants, cafes?
  • How far is the airport?

These factors all play a part in determining the cost. Plots of about 1,000 sq. m are the most common, costing from AED 1.2 million ($326,500), but there are also options of 6,000–7,000 sq. m for AED 6.5–16 million ($1.8–4.4 million). The cost of such plots in luxury locations can reach up to AED 450 million ($122 million).

Investment lands in Dubai

Year 2023 saw a sales peak of property in Dubai. Villas and apartments were the most sought after, but residential land for sale in Dubai is also attracting the attention of foreign investors. The interest is due to the following factors:

  • A shortage of prime land: if you have property in a successful location such as Jumeirah Bay, you can make a lot of money;
  • The stability of the city’s economy: there is no risk of development slowing down, which attracts foreigners looking to invest for the long term;
  • Minimal tax burden: there is no income tax for individuals in the emirate;
  • A well-developed infrastructure, which is particularly important for expatriates: no matter which area you choose to build a home in, you will have good roads, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and kindergartens within 10–15 minutes’ drive;
  • Speed and ease of transaction: if you use a developer or a trusted agency, all the formalities can be handled remotely. At the same time, the investor's involvement will be minimal.

You can buy development land for sale in Dubai to build a house for your family to live in. During your absence, such a house can be rented out to generate additional income. Another popular strategy is resale: as property prices in the emirate continue to rise, a plot bought a year ago will appreciate and the investor can sell it at a good profit. In February 2024, for example, the annual price increase in popular locations was:

  • Arabian Ranches – by 33%;
  • Business Bay – by 60%;
  • Hills Estates – by 67%;
  • JVC – by 139%.

Buying land plots in Dubai

Both villas and apartments in Dubai, as well as plots, need to be carefully selected. Emirates.Estate is an aggregator through which you can easily find a property that fully meets your requirements and budget. Specify your preferred cost of land in Dubai, the area, the distance to the sea, the availability of communications and roads to see the latest offers from reliable agencies and developers. You can also view the availability of building permits. To help you make the right choice, each asset presented in the database has a description and photos, and to contact the seller, simply call the number provided or write in private messages.