ASAS Holding

ASAS Holding
Founded in 1994

ASAS Holding (Rose Homes Investment) is a leading national conglomerate in the UAE, established in Dubai, which has diverse business interests both in local and the international field. The company has developed stunning properties such as Sherena Residence which has been developed to cater the growing demand of luxury apartments in Dubai. The developer has managed to meet and exceed the expectations of its investors by providing the ideal consultancies and recommendation to assure a continued success, to all projects they have been involved with. The purpose of ASAS Holding (Rose Homes Investment) is to constantly upgrade comprehensive services and adopt the latest techniques in management and research, in order to in line to market requirements and developments to ensure high level of services to all clients.

Why choose us
One of the fastest growing private developers in the country
28+ years on the market
Commitment to delivery and a transparent approach has been acknowledged with numerous awards
Outstanding career development opportunities
All projects were delivered on time
The highest quality of service accompanied with sincere professionalism
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