Founded in 2011

Coming together in 2011, Tanmiyat Holding has accomplished a remarkable step towards success. Confidence in our vision, skills of development and the ability of growth are the corner stones on which we base our mission to contribute towards Qatar’s economy at both local and international levels.

Why choose us
Compromises of over 10 internationally recognized companies
One of the fastest growing private developers in the country
The highest quality of service accompanied with sincere professionalism
11+ years on the market
Commitment to delivery and a transparent approach has been acknowledged with numerous awards
All projects were delivered on time
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Daniel Carlson
Being an investor, I can suggest that Tanmiyat Living Legends is one of the most popular and sought-after locations among investors from all over the world for its strategic location, modern social infrastructure, superior designed homes with spacious balconies and high-end quality finishing, as well as views of green spaces and urban landscapes. Future tenants have direct access to the main thoroughfares and the most famous areas of Dubailand, including various theme parks, shopping and entertainment complexes. The location offers residents easy accessibility and mobility, as well as proximity to famous attractions. Everything you need for a successful investment business.