Vakson Real Estate

Vakson Real Estate
Founded in 1970

Vakson Real Estate agent has been operating in the Dubai real estate industry since 1970. We have acquired an excellent reputation based on our high professional standards and commitment to our clients. Our business works closely with real estate owners and users, as well as investors; using a comprehensive and integrated approach to meet their real estate needs. As the top real estate agent in dubai, we have acquired an extensive knowledge of real estate development and trends in Dubai over our 49 years of operation. We offer tailormade solutions for investors looking to purchase property in Dubai, including the purchase of vacant land.

Why choose us
Portfolio of exceptional properties in some of the world’s most coveted locations
Leading real estate master developer based in the UAE
52 years on the market
Outstanding career development opportunities
All projects were delivered on time
Commitment to delivery and a transparent approach has been acknowledged with numerous awards
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Roger Taylor
Vakson Real Estate is a well-established real estate development company famous for its innovative approaches and significant results in the construction sector of Dubai. The company adheres to the highest professional standards and creates the best environment for a comfortable life and profitable investments. It follows these advantages and holds the bar high, demonstrating premium real estate with cutting-edge amenities. Vakson Real Estate provides property owners, investors and buyers with comprehensive and end-to-end solutions to meet any real estate needs.