Buying villas in the Sustainable City

Buying villas in the Sustainable City

The real estate sector, just like other industries in UAE, has also made a lot of effort to adopt sustainable models and practices. Catering the increasing demand for environment-friendly projects focusing on clean energy, Diamond Developers launched The Sustainable City in Dubai in 2013. Famous for its driverless cars, greenhouses and solar-powered homes is a great example of sustainable living combining work, education, and recreation in a family-friendly environment. If you are looking for a villa designed for energy and resources conservation, you should definitely consider The Sustainable City.

People prefer buying villas in The Sustainable City as there are plenty of pros of living here. The area is popular with those customers who are keen on purchasing environment-friendly units that offer long-term value.

Covering the area of 5 million square feet, the neighbourhood is a fully operational sustainable community in the Middle East. With the whole world growing increasingly concerned about climate change, buying a home in The Sustainable City is your chance to make a small contribution to saving the planet.

Lush greenery and well-maintained flora surrounding the houses is another great advantage of living in The Sustainable City. The plants naturally purify the air coming into the homes. There's also a buffer zone running along the border of the project and consisting of almost 2,500 trees.

In order to promote green living, waste and water recycling units are available in the area. In addition to that, residents are encouraged to use electric cars and free electric bus services that operate within the community. The villas in The Sustainable City are painted with UV reflective paint, which helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home during the hottest months.

Everything needed for a comfortable lifestyle is available in the area. The Sustainable Plaza provides a necessary number of services, including clinics, tutoring centre, spas, interactive activities for kids and several others.

There are 11 biodomes with 3,000 square meter space dedicated for urban farming. These green areas not only save energy and reduce carbon emissions but also create peaceful atmosphere in the neighbourhood.

Cycling and jogging tracks are also easily accessible to residents. Families with schoolchildren can choose Fairgreen International School, which is known for its innovative teaching practices.

There are 500 villas in The Sustainable City, they are divided into five residential clusters. The clusters are connected via The Farm, each cluster has three types of villas: courtyard villas, garden villas and signature villas. All the houses are equipped with a solar rooftop, efficient HVAC controls, water-efficient fixtures, faucets and appliances to reduce water consumption along with parking spaces shaded by solar panels.

The Sustainable City offers 3 and 4-bedroom villas, most of them have swimming pools and private gardens and some also feature a separate maid’s room.

The average price of a 3-bedroom villa is $760 thousand, while 4-bedroom villas cost $960 thousand.

The Sustainable City is an impressive and well-planned project. And whether you are looking to buy a home to live with your family or view it as an investment, it is a good idea in any case.

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