Property Network Partnership (PNP), a virtual platform to serve multiple roles in the real estate industry

Property Network Partnership (PNP), a virtual platform to serve multiple roles in the real estate industry

PNP, Property Network Partnership, is a global virtual association aimed at connecting all individuals and organizations in the real estate industry. PNP is the first of its kind in the world ultimate property destination serving multiple roles for the real estate industry to fulfill its fundamental goal of supporting and fortifying the local, regional and global markets.

PNP works as worldwide network that facilitates the communication of all active members in the industry, including top real estate developers and investors from all over the world, providing the opportunity to grow globally, expand one's professional network, and increase business transactions. It also allows to search for the best investment opportunities as it showcases both the latest and upcoming projects.

In addition to that it is a complete and reliable source of information about real estate. The platform provides comprehensive information from key property details to real estate auctions that take place anywhere in the world, as well as the latest news, statistics, research reports and industry studies.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, the Property Network Partnership gives when the real estate industry a major boost and becomes a powerful medium to counter the global impact of pandemic by helping its members establish collaborations, stimulate business transactions and contribute to the sector's recovery.

'The current pandemic has brought the global economy to a great uncertainty and it is definitely having a huge impact on the real estate industry worldwide. The launching of the Property Network Partnership is a highly opportune time to help the industry, not just in UAE, but throughout the world', said Dawood Al-Shezawi, President of the Property Network Partnership.

The Property Network Partnership welcomes the membership of developers, investors and real estate agents, as well as other valued sectors such as the media, publishing, auction services and regulation organization sectors around the world.

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