Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina
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Dubai Marina is a popular community in one of the largest emirates in the UAE. The sale of real estate in Dubai is mainly active in this area. There are always consistently high prices, stable demand, and investment profitability in housing. No other area of ​​the city has as many skyscrapers except for the central part of the metropolis. It is dominated by luxury residential complexes with magnificent views of the harbor. The buildings look no less impressive from the side of the sea: glass towers reach into the sky and play with bright colors.

Min. sale price
Studio520 000 AED
1-bed apartment600 000 AED
2-bed apartment1 099 000 AED
Villa4 500 000 AED
Avg. sale price
Studio1 485 118 AED
1-bed apartment1 892 685 AED
2-bed apartment3 277 465 AED
Villa7 373 125 AED
Min. rental price
Studio4 167 AED
1-bed apartment5 000 AED
2-bed apartment6 666 AED
Villa22 916 AED
Avg. rental price
Studio12 289 AED
1-bed apartment15 288 AED
2-bed apartment22 552 AED
Villa55 350 AED
Area square4 km²
Properties in the areaApartment, development, penthouse
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  • The area of the district is:
    ​​52743161 sq ft
  • Prestigious neighborhood
  • Technological building (IT technologies)
Where is Dubai Marina?

It is located in the western part of the megapolis, traditionally in demand among tourists and residents. This area with luxury real estate is considered a resort area and offers excellent recreation opportunities. The visiting card of the community is the marina. The comfortable and spectacular luxury yacht harbor is often featured in photographs in magazines and online communities, representing the emirate in all its glory. The high quality of the infrastructure is provided by one of the largest developers in the country - the construction company, Emaar Properties. It was constructed the houses in the central part of the emirate and also built one of the tallest buildings in the UAE and the world - the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. There is no unequivocal answer to when the district was built since the work started in 2003 but many buildings are still in development.

The community is fully adapted for a comfortable life. There are many shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, landscaped beaches and walking areas. The community has access to the coast. The beaches attract fans of both passive and active recreation. At the service of tourists and residents are diving clubs, various types of water sports, and the possibility of renting a yacht. The most famous building in the area is the Cayan Tower, which has been under construction for 8 years. Its peculiarity is the unique architecture of the lines; as a result, it was possible to embody an original curved structure. The skyscraper ranks 21st in the city regarding the number of floors.

What residential complexes and communities are there in Dubai Marina?

On the area of just over 4 sq. km., more than 200 skyscrapers were built. There are many residential complexes in the community, the most popular among which are:

  • Cavalli Tower is a new premium real estate development. The building has 70 floors with apartments overlooking the sea. Elite materials have been used in the interior of apartments. The exclusive layout ensures maximum comfort.
  • DAMAC Residenze is a skyscraper with 68 floors. Inside, there is a gym, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, and swimming pools for adults and children. It is within walking distance of shopping centers, restaurants, and the harbor.
  • Sparkle Towers is a new complex of 2 buildings. The interior uses expensive materials, including products from the famous Swarovski brand. Pools and gyms are located not only on the ground floor but also on the roof of the building. The complex is guarded around the clock. The management company provides a full range of services, from concierge to babysitting.
Average property prices in Dubai Marina

Those wishing to buy a house in Dubai have the option of villas on the community’s first line. They are being developed on the podium level of large residential complexes. Typically, these houses have 5 to 7 bedrooms.

The housing includes apartments and penthouses of various sizes. Most of the facilities are luxury class. Despite the relatively high cost of real estate, investing in housing in the UAE is more profitable than similar offers in major cities in the United States and Europe. Below are the average prices in AED:

  • A studio apartment from 700,000;
  • 1-bedroom apartments from 1,000,000;
  • A 2-bedroom apartment - 1,600,000;
  • 3-bedroom apartments - 2,700,000;
  • Penthouses cost from 7,000,000 and the upper threshold of prices reaches 50,000,000.

The community is part of the freehold zone. This allows foreign citizens to acquire housing and use it at their discretion.

Average rental prices for real estate in Dubai Marina

Real estate agencies in the UAE assist in finding housing for short and long-term stays. The rental price is calculated per year and depends on the area, the number of rooms and degree of comfort:

  • a studio apartment can be rented for 43,000 dirhams;
  • a 1-bedroom apartment will cost 65,000 dirhams;
  • the cost of renting housing with 2 bedrooms starts from 95,000 dirhams;
  • 3-bedroom apartments cost 140,000;
  • 4-bedroom apartments are rented for 185,000 dirhams.

There is no maximum price limit and the authorities do not limit the amount of rent to owners. Even with 1 bedroom, the price of an apartment can go up to 800,000 dirhams. Villas have the highest cost. 2 bedrooms are offered for rent for 150,000 dirhams and 3 bedrooms will cost 190,000; a 4-bedroom villa can be rented for 370,000 dirhams.

Investments in housing in the most significant regions of the UAE are in demand not only among Russians. Citizens of India, Pakistan and European countries are actively buying housing. The return on investment is high. The demand for real estate is not decreasing. With the reduction in development, which is inevitable in the central districts of the metropolis due to the shortage of free land plots, prices will only rise.

Profitability is directly related to the type of housing stock. The highest index is for studio apartments, reaching 6.4%. The indicators for other real estate are as follows:

  • a 1-bedroom apartment has an index of 6.2%;
  • in a 2-bedroom apartment, it reaches 5.7%;
  • housing with 3 bedrooms - 5.3%.

The lowest index is for houses with 4 and 5 bedrooms at 4.5% and 4%, respectively.

Where to go shopping in Dubai Marina?
There are many branches of chain supermarkets in the region that are located on the lower floors of high-rise buildings. Among them are Waitrose, Spinneys, West Zome, and Al Maya, which offer food and household items, clothing, equipment, and other things necessary for a comfortable life. Near the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed highway, there is one of the largest shopping malls in the emirate - Dubai Marina, which houses branches of stores from world brands and a cinema, restaurants, and cafes. Not far from the embankment, there is a JBR The Beach mall.
Additionally, among the places to go in Dubai Marina, you can note the walking area with its beautiful landscape. In addition to shopping centers in the community, there are many places where you can have a full lunch or dinner as well as a snack while shopping. A large number of restaurants are located in Marina Walk. In the open air, you can taste dishes of the world’s cuisines. There are several restaurants on the seventh pier with a varied menu. There are popular bars near the yacht club such as Few Options are Shades, Cargo, and Atelier M. The fast-food network is no less developed.
Which schools and kindergartens to choose from in Dubai Marina?

Preschool education is available at Raffles Nursery. You can visit it from the first weeks of life since the format combines both a nursery and a kindergarten. Several preschools are located in the adjacent communities. There are also schools there such as the Horizon International School, Dubai British School and King’s School Dubai.

Higher education institutions are located within a 10-minute drive from the community. Several universities and colleges are located in the Knowledge Park area.

What clinics and hospitals are there in Dubai Marina?

In the UAE, medicine is given increased importance so it is not difficult to get qualified help. Several large hospitals are open, including Medcare Marina and Emirates Hospitals Clinic. In neighboring sub-communities 10-15 minutes away, medical assistance can be sought from Al Zahra Hospitaland or the Saudi German Hospital. The network of dental clinics is no less developed. Medicines can be purchased at pharmacies that are open around the clock.

What kind of transport is available in Dubai Marina?

Public transport and parking spaces in the region are thought out for the maximum convenience of residents. Dubai Marina is artificial; it is the largest man-made marina in the world and an area with developed infrastructure. There are bus routes and 2 metro stations. The airport can be reached in 25 minutes. Personal transport remains the dominant mode of transport. Parking spaces for owners are provided in residential complexes. Paid parking is available for guests.

You can use not only your car but also a rented one. To rent a car, you need an international driver’s license. You can rent a car, yacht or even a helicopter.

Which hotels are best to stay at?

There are no difficulties choosing where to live in Dubai Marina. In addition to a wide selection of flats and apartments, visitors to the country can choose from many hotels. Positive reviews are given to the following:

  • Address is a 5-star Hotel. It is located on the coast. The windows offer a magnificent panoramic view. In addition to rooms with a high degree of comfort, guests can enjoy a restaurant, a spa, a swimming pool, and a sports club.
  • Le Verda Suites & Villa is ready to provide comfortable accommodation for even the most discerning visitors. The hotel has not only apartments but also duplex penthouses and entire villas.
  • Grosvenor House is a hotel with over 700 apartments. You can choose both compact and spacious options.
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