Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills
Min. sale price
1-bed apartment1 355 153 AED
2-bed apartment2 677 253 AED
Villa19 000 000 AED
Avg. sale price
1-bed apartment1 355 153 AED
2-bed apartment3 238 627 AED
Villa78 905 099 AED
Min. rental price
Villa124 995 AED
Avg. rental price
Villa143 497 AED
Properties in the areaDevelopment, land, villa
Developers in the area
Emaar Properties
435 properties
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  • Type of buildings:
  • Prestigious neighborhood
  • Beautiful view
Where is Emirates Hills located?

Emirates Hills is a large-scale gated community of premium villas. It is distinguished by a well-developed infrastructure, modern architectural buildings and a large number of green areas. It is a popular area chosen for residence by respectable citizens from around the world. The prestigious community provides a high standard of living.

Emirates Hills is a community of luxury homes that has been compared to the famous Beverly Hills in the United States. Its area is 12 sq. km, and the Emirates Hills community has residential properties in various price ranges. The largest developer of the United Arab Emirates, Emaar Properties, built Dubai real estate in this district. A distinctive feature of the community is one of the largest golf clubs in Montgomerie. It offers a picturesque view from the windows of the villas. The green landscape relaxes and gives a sense of solitude with nature.

This is a developer that seeks to realize the most ambitious plans in Dubai. They have also developed properties like Downtown with its landscaped central areas. The famous building in Dubai – the highest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa –belongs to Emaar Properties.

Villas in the community differ according to size. The small-sized villas offer more than 1100 sq. m, and more spacious housing reaches 7200 sq. m. Villas in Dubai have a fine finish and built-in appliances. The houses have a dining area, work or study rooms, maid’s room, storerooms, and furniture.

What residential complexes and communities are there in Emirates Hills?

There are no skyscrapers or multi-story buildings in the area. There are 600 premium-class villas here, and they are located in Montgomerie Hill, Dyaar Al Hambra, Montgomerie Maisonettes, and Signature Villas. The areas are isolated, each house has a fenced green area, and the infrastructure is increasingly popularized. There are artificial ponds and landscaped areas in the district. The gated community has everything you need to live well and is one of the five most popular communities with luxury villas. Potential homeowners choosing where to live in Emirates Hills can purchase an already constructed cottage or a land plot to build a property.

The real estate market in the district has strong sales potential as there are houses for permanent residence, family holidays, or investments. The community is divided into several sectors. There are two golf clubs, many swimming pools, shops, and parks to walk and relax. Convenient transport links allow residents to get to any part of the metropolis; the area has access to the major highways of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. The road to the beach in Dubai Marina takes about 5 minutes, and the trip to the city centre takes just a bit longer.

Average purchase prices for real estate in Emirates Hills

The housing stock in the region is classified as premium. It all starts with a few tens of millions of dirhams. The average cost of luxury villas is:

  • 5-bedroom villas ‒ about AED 20,000,000;
  • 6-bedroom villas ‒ more than AED 27,000,000;
  • 7-bedroom villas ‒ over AED 40,000,000.

The Dubai housing market attracts buyers from all over the world, and residents of India, Pakistan, Iran, and European countries are actively buying houses. The benefits of investment are clear: luxury properties in the UAE are lower than in large megacities London and New York.

Average Rental Prices in Emirates Hills

The real estate rental process is optimized for foreign investors. Real estate agencies in the UAE provide a full range of services related to the management of apartments and houses, ranging from searching for interested tenants to documenting the lease.

Average prices for temporary accommodation in villas depend on their size, degree of comfort, and the number of bedrooms:

  • 5-bedroom villas cost AED 700,000 and more;
  • 6-bedroom villas can cost AED 970,000;
  • 7-bedroom villas start from AED 1,000,000.

Investments in local housing stock are always in demand due to the comfortable living conditions. The metropolis is developing actively and has been transforming since the discovery of oil in the UAE. Today, the economy is based not only on oil alone, and tourism dominates profits meaning that housing in the UAE is in demand.

On average, the return on investment varies from 3 to 4%, depending on the housing. In 2021, the demand for detached houses increased, causing rents to rise in the housing market. Analysts believe that in 2022, the situation will remain unchanged. Moreover, prices are likely to grow in the housing market, and it is not more profitable to invest in foreign real estate.

Another advantage is the legality and transparency of property ownership. There is no income tax on rental housing in the country, and everyone can legally rent a house and make a net profit.

Where to go shopping in Emirates Hills

The closed community is focused on a secluded, family lifestyle, isolated from excessive tourist attention. Therefore, there are no supermarkets in this area. Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the metropolis, is within walking distance. There are no difficulties buying food or necessary household goods; several supermarkets and the Meadows Souk grocery market are nearby. The neighbouring community has well-known chain supermarkets like West Zone Fresh, Al Maya, and Carrefour Market.

Most shopping malls offer a full range of services ranging from shopping to service and entertainment. There is also a variety of cuisine on offer. There are several restaurants in the local golf club, and residents can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in Nineteen and Linksand Monty’s restaurants. There are also many restaurants and cosy cafes in the Meadows market. You can have a snack and drink a cup of coffee in pizzerias, pastry shops, and coffee bars.

Which schools and kindergartens to choose in Emirates Hills

There are several kindergartens and schools in the community. Pre-school education is available in Raffles Nursery. Several schools with different educational programs offer secondary education. These are the Dubai International Academy and the British School.

Higher education institutions in Dubai offer to study for various professions. Most of them are a quarter of an hour’s drive from Emirates Hills. In Knowledge Park, students can enter several universities:

  • Michigan State University in Dubai;
  • Middlesex University Dubai;
  • The University of Wollongong Dubai.
What clinics and hospitals are there in Emirates Hills

There are no medical institutions in the community, but they are located within walking distance in neighbouring communities. These are:

  • A medical clinic in Meadows;
  • Nur Al Shefa Hospital in Springs;
  • Saudi German Hospital in Al Barsha.

In addition, there are pharmacies within walking distance, including round-the-clock ones.

What kind of transport can be used in Emirates Hills

The transport infrastructure of the district provides for all types of public transport, and residents can use buses or the metro, and there is a station nearby. Moreover, taxi services are in demand here. Locals can move around the city by private or rented cars that numerous agencies provide. The community is located half an hour from the airport, so no difficulties are getting to Emirates Hills after arrival.

The villas have garages for one or two cars. There are paid parking lots in the city where you can park your vehicle. Public organizations, supermarkets, and shopping centres offer free parking.

What is the best Emirates Hills hotel to stay at

Address Montgomerie has the highest rating of a 5-star hotel. It features a spacious area and many rooms. In addition, there is a spa, swimming pool, and golf course in the hotel.

We will select a profitable property for you to invest in

Our company cooperates with local developers offer a wide range of properties. You can find villas and apartments, and flats for permanent residence and investment in our catalogue. Our employees will advise you on any issues regarding choosing a property to help you find the best option. Apartments for sale in Dubai at affordable prices allow you to make your dreams come true.

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