Bloom Properties

Bloom Properties
Founded in 1999
Completed projects:31 property
Ongoing projects:47 properties

Bloom Properties UAE is one of the companies of Bloom Holding which was founded in 1999 based in Abu Dhabi. Through the group’s partnerships with the best providers in the areas of education, hospitality, healthcare and property services, Bloom Holding has developed a strong portfolio of projects not only within Abu Dhabi and Dubai but even in the MENA region, Europe and the United States. The prime developer is dedicated to its vision to go beyond the expectations of both clients and investors through forging partnerships with the best providers in different fields. Bloom Holding is a prestigious group of companies dedicated to developing sustainable and integrated urban communities offering an enriching and augmented lifestyle and quality of life. This, therefore, formed the basis of the popularity of this mega group. As one of its companies, Bloom Properties has aimed to develop integrated communities and mixed-use developments that add clear value to its surroundings and target market. The projects of Bloom Properties range from residential areas and community resorts in accessible and prime locations near commercial establishments and retail areas.

Why choose us
Portfolio of exceptional properties in some of the world’s most coveted locations
Leading real estate master developer based in the UAE
Support investors in their quest to develop outstanding properties
All projects were delivered on time
23+ years on the market
5000+ Units delivered
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Ronald Manning
For our children, we want to buy a spacious and cozy villa with panoramic windows in Abu Dhabi with a unique landscape design and a place to relax in the shade of trees, as well as state-of-the-art amenities and close infrastructure. We’ve found a reliable company, Bloom Properties, that will do this. A few years ago, we turned to it when we wanted to purchase an apartment in the emirate. And they helped us in this. Now this day has come for our children. The manager of the company has picked up several interesting options for us. One of them is a villa in Faya.
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