Kappa Acca

Kappa Acca
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Kappa - Acca is developed by Khamas Group. It is a very esteemed and reputed company in the UAE, it is one of the most respected enterprises. Its success exceeds it in the business world, especially that it is a leading stakeholder in construction and other industries; the company has progressed and grown simultaneously with Emirates’ growth and developments.

Why choose us
Leadership across the real estate, engineering, industrial and commercial trading
Leading real estate master developer based in the UAE
All projects were delivered on time
The highest quality of service accompanied with sincere professionalism
Portfolio of exceptional properties in some of the world’s most coveted locations
Commitment to delivery and a transparent approach has been acknowledged with numerous awards
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Robert Howard
The construction company offers its clients high-quality services for the selection of real estate from its portfolio at the best prices. Qualified specialists will turn the process of buying a home into a pleasant event to make all participants in the transaction feel comfortable. All procedures will be transparent and clear, and competent experts will do everything to make you feel confident during the deal.
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