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Mina Al Fajer Real Estate
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A home, a sanctuary, a retreat; a place where views are a feast to the eye and relaxation a balm to the soul.Mina Al Fajer Real Estate LLC is a leading property developer specializing in quality projects and extravagant resorts that deliver exactly this. With the major shareholder being His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, the company is well on its way to steering its property developments towards outstanding success.

Fairmont Hotel, 4th Floor, Dubai, UAE
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Robin Caldwell
Now, we are looking for a villa for our retired parents. They need special conditions for their age. Firstly, it should have the most comfortable amenities, a natural landscape, lots of green areas and open spaces, fresh air, beautiful gardens. For their venerable age, there is everything they need for a comfortable stay. Of course, cozy accommodation should have all amenities and furniture. As a result, we picked up a villa in Mountain Villas for our parents by Mina Al Fajer Real Estate. We have visited this place together. We all liked everything here, including the smallest details. I think our parents will move to a new house soon.