Buying a studio in the UAE: pros and cons

Buying a studio in the UAE: pros and cons

Apartments in Dubai can differ enormously from similar real estate types in other countries. This is especially true of studio apartments. In the UAE, a studio is a fully-fledged apartment, just a bit smaller and, accordingly, with a more compact living space layout.

The functionality and diversity of these facilities attract buyers and investors worldwide to Dubai. Emirates.Estate talks about the features of studio apartments in Dubai and where the most attractive properties of this real estate category are sold in the emirate.


What does an apartment studio look like in Dubai, UAE?

Frequently, studios in Dubai are small apartments, consisting of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a single open space, with no dividing walls, except for the bathroom. That’s why this real estate type is popular in Dubai, in comparison with similar housing in other cities of the world.

E.g., in some countries, these are usually tiny apartments (sometimes unfurnished) with an area of 15 square metres or more, where everything is piled up, often without any well-thought-out layout. On the contrary, studio apartments in Dubai are well-thought-out (to the smallest detail) and are as comfortable as possible. They’re functional, and the key areas, such as the area for cooking and sleeping, are organically integrated into the interior, not conflicting with each other in the layout or visually.

Studio apartments in the UAE are perfect if you are wishing to move in immediately, as they’re fully furnished and equipped with all necessary appliances including a washing machine, refrigerator, and an air conditioning system. Some of these properties feature a balcony or terrace with stunning views of the sea or the city.

People who come to Dubai for work or leisure are more likely to prefer studios for the above reasons, and also because of the availability of additional services (especially in the premium residential complexes), as well as world-class amenities.

Buying a studio in the UAE: pros and cons

Advantages of buying a studio apartment in Dubai

Now that we have talked about the main features of studio apartments in Dubai, UAE, it's time to take a closer look at their advantages. These include:

  • Affordable price. One of the best features of Dubai studio apartments, making them so popular amongst other property types, is their price. You can access all the amenities you need for far less than a luxury 2- or 3-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai. You can buy a studio in Dubai for AED 240,000 ($65,342).
  • Easy maintenance. Studios are small apartments with limited space, so you can easily furnish them however you wish. You won’t have to pay a lot for cleaning and maintenance services in these apartments. If you’re a working expert or a student who spends most of your time at work or studying, living in a studio will be less resource-intensive for you.
  • Energy consumption optimisation. The small area of the living space will reduce the utility bills.
  • Investment opportunities. Studios are one of the best investment options for people on a budget. When buying such an apartment for AED 300,000 ($81,678) to AED 450,000 ($122,517), you can easily rent it out at competitive prices and earn a certain amount of money every month. The return on investment varies from 5% to 10% per year, depending on the area and the specifics of the property.

Disadvantages of buying a studio apartment

Along with the advantages of owning a studio in the UAE, certain details may negatively affect the living and use of these apartments. The disadvantages are:

  • Possibility of comfortable living for up to two people. Studio apartments in Dubai have an average area of 33.5 square metres. The entire living area, despite the zoning, is optimised as much as possible, so, there may not be enough living space even in an apartment with all amenities. Besides, with such conditions, organising some personal space can be extremely difficult.
  • Lack of internal sound insulation.
  • It’s impossible to localise the spread of odours, especially during cooking.
  • The need for complex cleaning, as the spread of garbage in a small apartment occurs evenly over the entire area.

Buying a studio in the UAE: pros and cons

TOP 5 popular areas in Dubai for buying studio apartments

There are numerous areas with diverse and unique properties in Dubai. Below are the most popular ones for buying studios.

Dubai Marina

If you are looking for apartments in new buildings in Dubai, Dubai Marina will be one of the most obvious and successful options that you should consider first. This is the third most popular area of the emirate after Downtown Dubai and Business Bay. Luxurious skyscrapers, commercial towers, and prestigious residential complexes with ultra-luxury real estate are situated here. One of the community’s advantages lies in the coastal lifestyle that it offers to visitors and residents of the city. There is also a wide range of stylish studios that have everything you need.

What tenants and buyers need to know about the area:

  • Average rental cost is AED 43,000 ($11,707) per annum.
  • Average buying cost is AED 670,000 ($182,414).
  • ROI is 6,4 % per annum.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is one of the most popular and tranquil residential communities for family living, where many local and foreign investors own houses. If you’re looking for an inexpensive apartment for independent living or investment, you should pay attention to this area.

The development is located in the heart of the new Dubai, amongst landscaped gardens. It boasts a wide range of properties and amenities making it perfect for tenants and buyers.

The community has maintained its position as the preferred option for renting or buying affordable apartments and villas in Dubai. This area attracts families and individual buyers with a wide selection of studios and apartments.

Key information for studio tenants and buyers:

  • Average rental cost is AED 36,000 ($9801) per annum.
  • Average buying cost is AED 455,000 ($123,878).
  • ROI is 7,66% per annum.

DAMAC Hills II (Akoya Oxygen)

DAMAC Hills 2 is a luxurious green area with a large golf course and world-class amenities and is great for families with or without children, as well as for those interested in a high level of privacy and comfort. It’s one of Dubai's premier golf communities, attracting significant interest from both investors and renters looking for family homes in an unusual location.

Key information for studio tenants and buyers:

  • Average rental cost is AED 24,000 ($6534) per annum.
  • Average buying cost is AED 352,000 ($95,835).
  • ROI is 6,29 % per annum.

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City is an area offering a variety of real estate options and conditions for high-quality living. It features a mix of villas and residential communities with a wide range of amenities for those considering investing in Dubai. It is one of the freehold areas in the city. Although it’s more suitable for those who own a vehicle, there are plenty of amenities within walking distance.

Information for tenants and buyers of studios:

  • Average rental cost is AED 24,500 ($6670) per annum.
  • Average buying cost is AED 334,000 ($90,935).
  • ROI is 7 % per annum.


Jumeirah is one of the most sought-after residential areas in Dubai. With a wide variety of residences, the coastal area provides residents with luxury living and also with numerous amenities.

This beachfront community has a lively resort vibe and is also known for its proximity to one of the world's greatest hotels, Burj Al Arab. Properties range from private villas to townhouses and even a few low-rise apartment buildings. Jumeirah Dubai is a perfect area for those looking for a lively yet peaceful life.

For tenants and buyers:

  • Average rental cost is AED 39,000 ($10,618) per annum.
  • Average buying cost is AED 775,000 ($211,002).
  • ROI is 3,9 % per annum.

More details about the popular areas of Dubai and the range of real estate available for purchase and rent can be found in the catalogue on the Emirates. Estate website! For detailed advice from an expert, use any feedback option convenient for you.

Buying a studio in the UAE: pros and cons

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