Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments
Founded in 2007
Completed projects:62 properties
Ongoing projects:372 properties

Azizi Developments is more than just a recognized leader in real estate developments. The Company is devoted to the principle that everyone deserves affordable, quality housing and is committed to working with neighborhood leaders and government officials on broader community revitalization efforts. Azizi Developments believes that each and every project is a portrait of the company as a whole; its mission is to autograph each real estate venture with excellence. By merging the talents of seasoned professionals experienced in developments, construction, marketing, sales, leasing and management, Azizi Developments continues to establish itself as one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers. As experienced developers, Azizi Developments has increased its land and income producing property inventories, thus strategically positioning itself to maximize future growth while reducing financial risk. The Company also begun to diversify geographically by extending into growth markets around the country and by broadening our product mix into additional market segments and price points. The extensive network of relationships, which includes lenders, law firms, real estate professionals, investors, government agencies and various multinational organizations, gives the company a competitive advantage in sourcing and evaluating opportunities before they are brought to the market. Along with the strategic partners, it enables the company to locate properties in growing areas with significant upside potential while staying ahead of the competition and avoiding crowded and oversaturated areas. In addition, Azizi Developments has cultivated alliances with top-quality outsourcing specialists affording maximum value at minimum cost resulting in increased value for buyers and investors. The workforce is handpicked professionals with diverse real estate backgrounds making a formidable team. Azizi Developments is involved in acquisitions, site selection, market analysis, zoning, permitting, architectural planning, financing, and construction, management, marketing, leasing and sales. The diverse experience in real estate markets makes Azizi Developments truly dynamic organization.

Why choose us
A multinational conglomerate based in the UAE
100+ Units delivered
Leading real estate master developer based in the UAE
All projects were delivered on time
14+ years on the market
Employing over 1,200 people
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Cody Hawkins
A serious developer, all employees are very qualified. You can call them at any time and they will always answer all your questions. I am often in Dubai on business, it is inconvenient for me to live in hotels during my trips, so I decided to rent an apartment. I checked with Azizi Developments, one of the most reliable developers in the real estate market. I visited its office and explained to the managers that I could live for 2 weeks, fly away for 2 weeks, so that I could safely leave my home for that time. They found me an inexpensive flat to live in Dubai. I'm thinking about moving with my family to this apartment for the summer. It turns out cheaper than a hotel. Who needs to rent a house, contact Azizi Developments.
Tammy Wood
I would like to advise everyone who wants to become a property owner in Dubai to check with this construction company. We were limited in time and did not hope to solve all the issues so quickly. The manager turned out to be a real professional, he almost foresaw possible problems during the deal, so we have a wonderful apartment with up-to-date amenities in one of the world’s successful city, Dubai.
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