UAE: safety first

UAE: safety first

United Arab Emirates remains one of the safest countries in the world. The financial and analytical publication, Global Finance, published ratings of the safest countries in 2020. In the course of the study, experts evaluated 134 countries against 4 main criteria: the COVID-19 situation, natural disasters, war risks, and personal safety.

UAE was ranked the 2nd safest country, following Iceland. According to the experts, high standards of living including safety in the countries in Europe, North America and some countries in Asia and the Middle East is the result of their high status and wealth. Is it really so? In this article, we talk about the reasons why it is so safe to live in UAE.

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UAE is a safe country - myth or reality?

The Emirates is among the top countries with the lowest number of recorded violent crimes (rape and murder) per 100,000 people. Entrepreneurs who run their businesses in the UAE note the high level of professionalism of local officials and their integrity; there is zero corruption, extortion, etc. Although the UAE is one a key region in the unstable Middle East, the country is a bulwark of security. There is a spirit of multiculturalism and high tolerance, as well as a very comfortable environment for life and work.

In addition, buying property in Dubai is easier and safer than in some other highly developed countries. What is the secret? The key to the high level of safety is strict legislation and enhanced protection from law enforcement agencies.

UAE: safety first

What should foreigners be afraid of?

We cannot say that there is zero crime and no other risks in Dubai and the UAE. As in any country in the world, people commit crimes there, but there are few. To avoid any problems, a foreigner needs to know what to expect.

Petty crimes and thefts happen everywhere in one way or another, but in the Emirates, their number is negligible. Most often, migrants and tourists complain about the lack of driving culture among locals. Speeding, cutting up and other traffic violations are very common. However, it is almost impossible to see a drunk driver, as it is a very severe violation which is a criminal offence. The city is developing very quickly and most of the roads didn't exist here 20 years ago. Driving a personal car, especially this massive, is a new culture in the country so troubles are common.

What is forbidden to do in UAE?

  • Drinking alcohol in public places. The restriction on buying and drinking alcohol applies to anyone who does not have an appropriate license. You can drink alcohol only in specially designated places - in bars, hotels or at home. Walking on the street while drunk is also prohibited;
  • Using drugs and medicines prohibited in the United Arab Emirates;
  • Eating food or drinking in the street during Ramadan;
  • Expressing feelings in public. Hugging, kissing and just holding hands in public places is prohibited even with your legal spouse. Do not forget that the UAE is a Muslim and strictly conservative state that harshly suppresses non-traditional relations;
  • Defiant behavior: shouting, whistling, swearing, showing obscene gestures. The fact that you are a tourist will not save you from an administrative fine;
  • Touching police officers or showing open protest or disrespect when talking to them. If during a walk, a police officer approaches you, do not be nervous, behave calmly and with restraint, and answer all questions;
  • Taking photos or videos without permission. You can take a picture of Arab men only after asking a permission and women are strictly forbidden. For doing this, you can be prosecuted;
  • Gambling. Gambling is strictly prohibited in the Emirates;
  • Destruction of vegetation and scattering garbage on the street - you can be charged a large fine for this.

Safety for single women

In the 90s, unmarried women were strictly prohibited to visit UAE. Over time, it has changed. Now people can freely go to Dubai and other Emirates on holiday, to study, work or launch their own business, and having a spouse here is not required.

There is a friendly attitude towards women from other countries and a lot of things are allowed to them, but within certain limits. Extremely open clothes with a neckline, transparent fabrics and swimsuits are not allowed. You should stick to modest clothes that cover the shoulders and knees. The same applies to men. For example, in Sharjah, both sexes should be modestly dressed.


Large sums of money are spent annually on maintaining the system of law and order in Dubai and other Emirates. Such a large number of police officers on the streets, perhaps, cannot be found in any other country. However, foreigners say that they never feel under control. Police officers intervene if problems arise. Locals show great respect for the police because they feel safe on the street.

If you have an accident or you have become a victim of a crime, dial 999 and the police will come in a matter of minutes. If there is no way to call and there are no police officers nearby, it is worth asking for help in shops, banks, hotels, and other protected organizations.

The authorities have their own army of informants, consisting of representatives of social and national groups. Their work is paid directly from the state budget. This service costs the country more than one million dirhams annually, but it is still cheaper than hiring additional employees and giving them uniforms. Informants do an excellent job helping the police stop crimes and other offenses on time and catch criminals.

Some think that it is thanks to good funding and comprehensive government support that the police in United Arab Emirates are working much better than in other countries.

UAE: safety first

We will help you purchase real estate in UAE

Along with a high level of security, the Emirates offers a great variety of top-quality properties in UAE. The housing sector in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates offers options for all needs, lifestyles and budgets. Apartments in Dubai are a great solution regardless of whether you are looking for a second home, buy-to-live or buy-to-let housing. A buy-to-let apartment may ensure you a rental income from 8% to 12%, you will also be able to gain profit by reselling your apartment at a higher price, since property prices are constantly growing in UAE.

Foreigners can also get a residence permit by property investment and stay in the country for a long term. Thus, you can move to live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi on your own or with the whole family.

Get professional advice on your choice or purchase of real estate in the UAE from Emirates.Estate specialists and start your journey to a new life in one of the world’s safest countries. The company's employees provide comprehensive support for sales transactions and guarantee the safety of each client.

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