Why should a digital nomad choose the UAE?

Why should a digital nomad choose the UAE?

Real estate in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular, especially now that foreigners working remotely have the opportunity to apply for a digital nomad visa and legally reside in the UAE for a long time. This Digital Nomad Visa in the United Arab Emirates was introduced in the autumn of 2022. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of this visa type and the requirements for the candidate.


Who are digital nomads?

Digital nomads are people who are not tied to a fixed workplace because they work remotely via the Internet. They move from city to city, from one country to another, in other words, they wander. The reasons for this may be different. Some prefer to spend the winter in a warm country, others are in search of more comfortable living conditions, but most digital nomads like travelling.

Here is a portrait of the average digital nomad: a 34-year-old man working in IT, single, with an income of $85,000 per year.

The UAE authorities are interested in attracting wealthy professionals and are therefore ready to provide them with favourable conditions for moving and purchasing apartments in Dubai.

A work visa for remote employees in the UAE is issued for 1 year, after which it can be extended. Overseas business owners can also apply for a Digital Nomad Visa.

Why should a digital nomad choose the UAE?

What are the benefits of a Digital Nomad Visa in the UAE, and why should digital nomads choose this country?

The DNV owner gets the opportunity to:

  • become a sponsor of his family;
  • rent apartments and villas in Dubai;
  • use local services, including medical care;
  • send children to study in local schools.

There are several reasons why many digital nomads prefer the UAE:

  • The country offers a powerful Wi-Fi, which is necessary for everyone who works remotely. Freelancers and remote staff can make working video calls and stay in touch with their colleagues through numerous messengers.
  • Dubai has a well-developed transport network and is home to a large number of expats. Without you own car, you can easily reach any place in the city by taxi, metro, and buses. There are not only land, but also air lines between the cities. You can also move both inside Dubai and across the country.
  • Dubai is famous for its restaurants, cafes, and shops. It is home to one of the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall. In addition to shopping, you can find a lot of other entertainment in the metropolis, for example, ride along the sand dunes in jeeps, visit the Dubai Safari Park, admire the sea creatures of the dolphinarium, ride a jet ski, participate in deep-sea fishing and night crab hunting, visit many theme parks, etc.
  • The United Arab Emirates has excellent schools, including international schools with multiple curriculum options.
  • The UAE is one of the world’s safest countries. Dubai has a low crime rate due to video cameras that "scan" the entire city, and strict requirements for applicants for a long-term visa.
  • The country, especially Dubai, has a rich choice of residential properties, including development projects in Dubai. There are housing options of various costs and layouts. Both single digital nomads and families can find housing that fully meets all their requirements.

Why should a digital nomad choose the UAE?

What documents do you need to collect to apply for a visa?

You will need to prepare the following set of documents:

  • A foreign passport, which will be valid for at least 6 months after submitting the application.
  • A colour photo of 43 mm x 55 mm (or 400 px x 514 px if the photo is digital).
  • The scanning copy of the main page of the passport.
  • Medical insurance.
  • The information about income for the past month. The salary must be at least $3,500.
  • An employment contract concluded for the full visa period.
  • Entrepreneurs must provide documents to confirm their activities.

How much does it cost to get a visa?

The visa will cost about $600. This includes application fees, medical examination costs, and an Emirates ID card. The applicant should remember that when paying the services, this does not guarantee obtaining a digital nomad visa.

Digital nomads can apply for this visa and all the necessary documents remotely. However, once they are allowed to enter the country, this must be done within 60 days.

Why should a digital nomad choose the UAE?

A freelancer visa

A Freelance Visa is created for freelancers and the self-employed. In addition to a foreign passport, photo and medical insurance, the applicant must provide:

  • A bachelor's or specialist's degree.
  • An income statement for the last 2 years. Annual earnings must be at least $100,000. If this amount is less, the applicant must confirm another source of income.
  • A licence to work in their field issued by the Ministry of Human Resources of the UAE.

A freelancer visa is valid for 5 years, after which its owner can extend it to stay in the country.

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