Demand for 2-bedroom apartments has grown in Dubai

Demand for 2-bedroom apartments has grown in Dubai

The demand for two-bedroom apartments among investors and end users in Dubai today is higher than for one-bedroom apartments. As noted in the latest market reviews, in March 2023, 34% of apartment buyers were looking for 2-bedroom apartments. Apartments with 1 bedroom were chosen by 32% of buyers. 

According to data for March, 59.7% of people who intend to buy real estate in Dubai are looking for an apartment, and 40.3% are interested in villas and townhouses. The share of apartment buyers increased by 2.5% over the year from 57.2% in March 2022.

Over the same period, the proportion of buyers who prefer villas and townhouses decreased accordingly – from 42.8% to 40.3%.

Experts attribute this shift in demand structure to the end of the coronavirus pandemic. After the start of quarantine restrictions, the demand for villas and townhouses has grown significantly all over the world, including Dubai. After its completion, some buyers returned to the more familiar types of real estate to modern citizens. At the same time, the desire to have a spacious living space remained, so the demand for 2-bedroom apartments exceeds the same indicator for smaller apartments.

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