Dubai: 2,000 villas and beach palaces on the world islands are ready for handover in december

Dubai: 2,000 villas and beach palaces on the world islands are ready for handover in december

The developer of one of the most ambitious projects on the World Islands in Dubai is ready to start handover of the long-awaited private villas and beach palaces to investors before the end of 2020. The World Islands is an archipelago of man-made islands constructed in the shape of a world map.

The project in question is called the Heart of Europe. The development is located About four kilometres off the Jumeirah coast of Dubai and consists of six inter-connected islands. The Heart of Europe will feature a total of 4,000 units spread across 15 hotels and resorts. The mand behind the concept is Josef Kleindienst, chairman of Kleindienst Group, the company that is carrying out the project.

Some 2,000 units in the Phase I of the Heart of Europe will be turned over in December 2020. Kleindienst commented, 'We are ready to handover residential units to homeowners so that they can fit out the interiors. This reflects our strong commitment to the investors. I am also excited to announce that we have started construction of the Phase II of the project – and plan to complete the development of the island by 2022.'

According to the company's spokesperson, the properties ready for handover include five hotels, some floating villas, as well as beach palaces on Sweden Island and villas on Germany Island.

The developer is convinced that the handover is an achievement in itself, given that earlier it had made the commitment to complete the first phase of the project just shortly before the coronavirus pandemic broke out and sent billions of people in lockdown.

'At that time, we were not fully aware of the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic and its magnitude. However, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we were determined to go ahead with our planned development and as the lockdown was announced in March, we shifted our entire team to the Heart of Europe islands and continued to construct. During the lockdown, we were isolated from the mainland and confined to the island and focused on construction,' recalled Kleindienst.

Kleindienst Group says, it will be possible to commercially open more than 1,500 hospitality units in five hotels and resorts when the situation “normalizes” and tourists start visiting UAE again.

The construction of St. Tropez, a hotel with 200 rooms that recreates the mood and charms of the famous French Riviera town, is also almost complete, too. The hotel is planned to be fully completed along with other projects in the first phase, including the upscale beachfront Cote d’Azur Resort, Portofino Hotel and other residential units, in 2020 and 2021.

Kleindienst also added, that the recent announcement of the COVID-19 vaccine sounds encouraging and raises hopes of a recovery in tourism demand prior to the Expo 2020 that will take place in Dubai in October 2021.

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