Refine Development

Refine Development
Completed projects:14 properties
Ongoing projects:39 properties

Refine is led by a team of highly accomplished developers and experts that are talented, skillful and gifted. With a passion in engineering and obsession in quality, Refine works with its partners to deliver seamless and superior products. We believe that quality is not simply an act, but a habit that should be consistently maintained.
Boasting of a team of second-generation leaders with international exposure and locally rooted, enables Refine to adopt the best practice around the globe, creating products for the people in the United Arab Emirates, where 200 nationalities gather and collaborate. In every project, Refine invests in thoughtful planning and impeccable finishes, strives to create products that meet the demand of today. While driven by intensive Research and Development, Refine continuously aims to introduce new features and solutions for the future.

Why choose us
Combined Gross Development Value of over $ 800 million
5000+ Units delivered
The highest quality of service accompanied with sincere professionalism
All projects were delivered on time
Commitment to delivery and a transparent approach has been acknowledged with numerous awards
Leadership across the real estate, engineering, industrial and commercial trading
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