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Apartments for sale in Burj Khalifa

Apartments for sale in Burj Khalifa, Dubai, are premium properties in a building recognised as one of the tallest in the world. The project is implemented by Emaar Properties in 2010. This nearly 830-metre skyscraper is located in the central area of Downtown Dubai and stands as one of the country’s top tourist attractions.

The structure encompasses 163 floors, containing not only apartments but also numerous offices, shopping complexes, and entertainment venues. The 124th, 125th, and 148th levels showcase viewing platforms that provide awe-inspiring panoramas of the city.

The tower impresses not only with its height but also with its unique construction. Its geometry is inspired by natural forms, resembling the hymenocallis flower found in the desert. Innovative technologies ensure resistance to atmospheric effects. The facades are protected from sunlight with double-glazed walls featuring special coatings. Their smooth lines effectively dissipate the wind. Special attention is given to fire safety, with state-of-the-art firefighting systems and special refuge rooms.

Premium real estate in Dubai can be considered for relocation or as an investment. The skyscraper is positioned in the heart of the city, ensuring convenient accessibility to any area of the metropolis. Inside, there is everything needed for life:

  • Pools;
  • Restaurants;
  • Fitness clubs;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Play area;
  • Spa;
  • Art gallery.

Moreover, direct access to the emirate’s largest shopping destination, Dubai Mall, offers unlimited retail and entertainment opportunities.

In the tower, you can purchase both compact studios and spacious units with multiple bedrooms. The average cost of apartments in Burj Khalifa is AED 1.54 million ($409,500) for a studio. 1-bedroom residences are available at AED 2.19 million ($596,500), while 2-bedroom units cost AED 3.8 million ($1.03 million). 3-bedroom flats for sale in Burj Khalifa can be bought for AED 5.63 million ($1.53 million). 4-bedroom residences are valued at AED 21.73 million ($5.9 million). The maximum apartments prices in Burj Khalifa, UAE, can reach AED 55 million ($15 million) and beyond.

Investments apartments in Burj Khalifa

The emirate’s property market remains popular among foreign buyers due to the high quality of construction and excellent profitability. Prices demonstrate stable growth. Purchasing apartments in Burj Khalifa for investment and living remains a lucrative money investment. Although the skyscraper was completed over a decade ago, housing in it is only appreciating and serves as a symbol of status. Demand for the residences is high. An apartment in Dubai can always be resold at a higher price. Premium units are also in demand among tenants. The rental yield can reach 6.3% per year. Given the absence of taxes for individuals in the UAE, buying an apartment in Burj Khalifa allows you to receive a net income.

Profitable to buy an apartment in Burj Khalifa

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