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Land for sale in Mirdif

You don't have to choose property in the centre of Dubai to make a successful investment—land in Mirdif is also highly liquid and more and more investors are realising this. Use our extensive database of offers from verified agencies and developers to make a profitable deal without intermediaries.

The area is actively developing, with modern complexes being built with all the necessary infrastructure (security, pools, parks) and comfortable living. With the high demand for apartments in Dubai, there is a growing interest in undeveloped land in this area.

There are 5 districts in the community: Uptown, Tulip, Shurooq, Ghoroob and Hills. Only in Hills the land for sale in Mirdif, UAE, has freehold status and is granted full ownership. In the others, land can be purchased on a leasehold basis—a long-term lease with the right to develop.

In addition to residential properties, the area includes the Mirdif Mall and City Centre Mirdif shopping centres, the 4-star Millennium Hotel, Medcare and Mediclinic hospitals. For families, there are Emirates British and Step By Step nurseries, Star International and Uptown School. There is also the large Mushrif Park with cycling and jogging tracks, playgrounds, picnic areas and barbecue areas.

If you're considering development land for sale in Mirdif to build a house, for resale or to rent out, it's important to pay attention to the characteristics of the land available on the market:

  • If accessibility is a priority, property in Dubai in the western part of the district is the best choice, as it is adjacent to the main Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
  • There are options for plots with and without utilities. In the latter case, you'll have to install them yourself, which means additional cost and time. If you're looking for a long-term investment rather than an immediate development, you can choose a plot without water, gas and electricity. Otherwise, it's more convenient to buy a plot with existing infrastructure.
  • The distance to the city centre is 20 minutes by car.
  • The transfer to DXB International Airport takes 10 minutes.

For most foreigners, the option to buy land plots in Mirdif, Dubai, can be not only profitable, but also convenient, as all formalities can be completed remotely. To do this:

  1. Make a list of requirements and set a cost of land in Mirdif that is acceptable to you.
  2. Find the perfect property in terms of location and size.
  3. Contact the seller and discuss all the details, request additional information to make a final decision.
  4. Submit the necessary documentation.
  5. Complete the transaction and document the transfer of ownership to the new owner.

As the owner of a property valued at over AED 2 million ($544,500), you are entitled to apply for a renewable UAE residency visa for a period of 5 years.

Investment lands in Mirdif

With freehold property, the owner has the right to dispose of the property as he sees fit: sell it, give it away, develop and rebuild it, pass it on to heirs, or rent it out. This is one of the reasons why foreigners buy land plots in Mirdif for construction and investment. After completing the transaction, you can become a resident of the UAE and move to a country with a rapidly growing economy, a warm climate and numerous resort areas.

As the area continues to develop and new complexes, shopping and entertainment facilities are built, the value of the property increases. This means that investors can always resell residential land for sale in Mirdif at a profit.

To give you an idea of the initial investment required, here are examples of properties currently for sale:

  • A 697 sq. m plot costs AED 3.9 million ($1.06 million).
  • A plot of 1517 sq. m is priced at AED 10.53 million ($2.87 million).

Buying land plots in Mirdif

There are several important factors that determine whether land, apartments or villas in Dubai will be a good investment: it's the fit with the buyer's requirements, the right timing of the deal and the choice of the seller. The constantly updated Emirates.Estate database will be a source of information on high-yield properties offered on the market by verified agencies and developers. Analysing the listings will help you find the best balance of quality and land plots prices in Mirdif.

The descriptions will tell you the size of the property, in which complex it is located, what features it has (whether the road and utilities are provided), how long it has been on sale and other important details. You can also use sorting and comparison tools, a currency converter, and a map with precise coordinates. To make a purchase without unnecessary risks and overpaying, contact the seller by phone or send them a private message.