Al Qusais

Al Qusais
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Al Qusais is a prime location. It is near Dubai International Airport and is the center of the emirate’s industrial life. There are both commercial and residential properties situated here. Due to its proximity to the airport, accommodation is in demand all year round among travelers and business people arriving in the United Arab Emirates. Al-Qusais is attractive for its developed urban environment, social infrastructure, and convenient transport links, making it easy to get from here to any other point in Dubai.

Min. sale price
Studio6 975 000 AED
Avg. sale price
Studio10 845 500 AED
Min. rental price
Studio30 000 AED
1-bed apartment36 000 AED
2-bed apartment48 900 AED
Avg. rental price
Studio74 999 AED
1-bed apartment118 000 AED
2-bed apartment239 450 AED
Properties in the areaLabor Camp
  • Beautiful view
  • Technological building (IT technologies)
  • Prestigious neighborhood
  • Apartments with ready-made finishing and interior decoration
Where is Al Qusais?

Al Qusais is one of the oldest districts of Dubai, fully reflecting the city’s culture. The area is divided into residential and industrial areas, and each of these is also divided into several segments or zones. The residential part of the community consists mainly of low-rise buildings with fewer mid-rise buildings.

The community is conveniently located - Dubai International Airport is close by, just about 8 kilometers away. The north is bordered by other residential areas such as Al Nahda and Muhaisnah 3, in the east is the Hor Al Anz area, and the south is Al- Creature (Al Twar). The industrial zone is situated on the border of Dubai and Sharjah. The central district’s population consists of specialists working in the industrial zone as well as their families. However, there are many emigrants from other professions too.

What LCDs and communities are in Al Qusais?

Residential real estate in Al-Qusais offers apartments, flats, villas, and land plots. In addition to residential properties on the market in Al-Qusais, there are also commercial offers such as warehouses and land plots, offices, showrooms, shops, and factories that are for sale or rented.

Unlike other residential areas in Al Qusais, houses are built on wide streets with many parking spaces. Many modern, newly-built spaces offer all kinds of services for a comfortable life. These houses have more amenities than older buildings. The wide streets in Al Qusais make it easy to navigate.

In both the residential sector and the industrial sectors, there are equal offers of residential properties.

According to statistics posted on the Bayut website, the Al Qusais residential area is most renowned for its real estate. Here you can rent both studio apartments and 1, 2 and 3-room apartments.

Average purchase prices for real estate in Al Qusais

Investors should keep in mind that the primary stake should be made on commercial real estate in this area since most of it is an industrial zone.

Apartments and land plots are on offer as residential real estate in Dubai in the Al-Qusais area. Apartments can be purchased for AED 420,000-950,000 depending on the number of rooms. The average price of 1 land plot is 12,500,000 dirhams. However, an entire residential building can be bought for 19,000,000 dirhams.

Commercial real estate is also on offer here. Warehouse prices start at AED 2,200,000 but do not exceed AED 10,600,000. Developers in the UAE purchase commercial plots in Al Qusais for an average of AED 50,000,000.

Average rental prices in Al Qusais

The most popular rentals in Al-Qusais are apartments and spacious villas. Note that Al-Qusais is known for its consistent rental prices. The annual rental price of a studio apartment ranges from 16,000 to 20,000 dirhams. Interestingly, it is possible to rent a 1-bedroom apartment for 1 year for AED 21,000-48,000, while the minimum annual rental cost for a 2-room apartment is AED 26,000. Apartments with 3 bedrooms will cost you at least 26,000 dirhams. Renting a 3-room apartment can also go up to AED 90,000 per year. Those wishing to rent a villa will pay about AED 80,000-250,000 per year.

Entrepreneurs will be interested to know that office rental prices range from AED 10,000 to AED 120,000 per year. The cost of renting shops is higher with starting prices at 29,000 dirhams per year and a maximum of 700,000 dirhams.

In Al-Qusais, warehouses are rented in both the industrial and residential areas. The minimum rental price for warehouses is 62,000 dirhams per year and the maximum is 560,000 dirhams. Large industrial companies rent factories and the average annual rental price for commercial property is AED 900,000. Often, real estate agencies in the UAE are contacted to rent showrooms. The annual rental price depends on the area and varies from 72,000 to 250,000 dirhams.

Where to shop in Al Qusais

For the convenience of residents, several small and large shopping centers have been opened in the area. Located along Al Ittihad Road in the west of the residential area of ​​Al Qusais, Al Mulla Plaza was one of the first shopping malls to be built in Dubai. This shopping center is considered a local landmark and houses various retail outlets, jewelry stores, many other non-food departments and family cafes.

Madina Mall is located opposite Beirut Street in the neighboring Mukhaisna community, close to Al-Qusais. In addition to several large retailers such as Redtag, Carrefour and Pan Emirates, the mall also has a children’s playground, beauty salons and a food court.

Although Al-Qusais is far from a new area, it is entirely developed in terms of infrastructure. There are many shops throughout the community. Al Maya Supermarket offers a wide variety of groceries, household chemicals and essential goods at low prices. The Sunrise City Supermarket is renowned for its fresh vegetables and meat products and offers home delivery services. Hayat Al Madina Supermarket is another supermarket open in the area 24 hours, 7 days a week. There is a wide range of food and daily goods. Customers enjoy the pricing and friendliness of the supermarket’s staff. Residents also frequent the Lulu Hypermarket with its food court, tech-style market and other retail stores.

Which schools and kindergartens to choose in Al Qusais

Several schools in Al Qusais are top-rated due to their British curriculum; Apple International School, Westminster School, and Dubai Scholars Private School.

Parents of preschoolers can attend one of the kindergartens located near their homes such as Deira Montessori Nursery, World Nursery and British Orchard Nursery.

Which clinics and hospitals are in Al Qusais?

The community has several medical institutions throughout. Sparkle Dental Care and Dentamax offer dentistry. Residents of Al Qusais and neighboring communities can visit the multifunctional medical centers and clinics of Aster, Al Rahif and Grand Infinity, and Zulekha Hospital.

What kind of transportation can be used in Al Qusais?

Well-developed public transport links distinguish the area. The green line of the Dubai Metro runs along the area, 5 stations of which are located here. These are the Stadium, Al Nahda, DAFZA, Al Qusais, and Etisalat lines. The rest of the community is served by buses and those who wish can use the taxi service.

The streets of Al-Qusais are designed so that the community has many convenient parking spaces both on the street and in the surrounding area in apartment buildings.

Which Al Qusais hotel is the best to stay at?

Al Qusais has affordable rooms in 3 and four4star hotels. Here are just a few of them:

  • Al Bustan Center and Residence;
  • Hampton by Hilton Dubai Airport;
  • TIME Grand Plaza Hotel.

Al Bustan Center and Residence is a 4-star hotel founded in 1997. Over the years, the hotel has earned the best reputation for hosting vacationers and travelers from all over the world. The hotel has 640 rooms and suites. Each room is equipped with a kitchenette, a stove and household appliances. There is a spacious dining and seating area with a flat-screen TV. Guests can enjoy the health club, swimming pool, Executive Club lounge, and tennis court. This hotel is just 260 meters from Al Nahda Metro Station.

The Hampton by Hilton is 6 km from Dubai International Airport. It is a 3-star hotel with 420 rooms and 2 conference rooms. It offers free parking and Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, a hot breakfast included in the room rate, a fitness center and an on-site restaurant. This is one of the best Hilton hotels in Dubai and takes 5 minutes to reach by car.

TIME Grand Plaza is a 4-star hotel close to Dubai International Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3. It offers affordable and well-equipped deluxe and luxury rooms. There are double rooms as well as an executive room with a king-size bed. Junior and normal suites are suitable for both business people and families. Al-Qusais can be reached from the hotel in 6 minutes by car.

Fortune Classic Aparthotel is also just a 6-minute drive away.

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