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Apartments for sale in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most prestigious and fashionable areas with a wide range of premium property in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. It is an artificial canal surrounded by skyscrapers and elite residential complexes, which was created in the early 2000s. The district has become popular for its unique design and attractive location on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It is known for high-rise skyscrapers, luxurious complexes, and a lively atmosphere. The community is located next to Jumeirah Beach Residence, and the Jumeirah Lakes Towers are directly opposite Sheikh Zayed Rd. The district’s main architectural feature is its 7 km long promenade. The area offers yachting and is a great place to walk, do various sports, and have some rest.

Dubai Marina has a variety of accommodation options, including luxury apartments, townhouses, and villas in Dubai from developers. Many of these overseas properties are located in high-rise skyscrapers, such as the Princess Tower, Marina Torch, and Cayan Tower, which offer magnificent panoramas of the city, the sea, and the Palm Jumeirah.

The area is also known for numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can taste local and international cuisine. Many of these public establishments are located along the waterfront — they offer beautiful views of the bay. In addition, there are many entertainment venues and sports centres in the community. The district features fitness rooms, cinemas, and beaches, where you can relax and enjoy the sun. The famous Skydive Dubai club is also located here. You can also do water sports, such as kayaking and windsurfing.

The community is an attractive place for permanent residence, business, work, tourism, and recreation. State-of-the-art infrastructure, elegant design, and close location to the emirate’s business centre make it popular with locals and foreign visitors. Flats for sale in Dubai Marina, UAE, are a unique opportunity for you to purchase real estate in one of the emirate’s most prestigious areas. Each apartment in the district offers future residents a unique combination of convenience, style and everything they may need for a comfortable life. If you dream of living in the emirate’s elite district or investing profitably, buying properties in this community is the perfect solution for you.


The cost of apartments in Dubai Marina depends on several factors. First, it depends on the location of the property. Apartments in Dubai with a view of the sea or the promenade are more expensive than those that overlook the courtyard or other buildings. The community offers a great variety of residential units — from studios to luxury penthouses. Apartment prices in Dubai Marina also depend on the size of the residence, its condition, and appliances. Studios and one-bedroom flats cost from AED 1 to 3 million. The price of two- and three-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina can reach AED 5–10 million. The district remains one of the emirate’s most sought-after places to rent residences. This means that the demand for apartments here is very high. You can rent a studio at an initial price of AED 45,000 per year. The price of two-bedroom flats starts from AED 55,000, and the cost of three-bedroom residences are from AED 75,000.

Apartments in Dubai Marina for investments

Studios are the most popular property type for renting. There are also one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom flats in Dubai Marina for investments. There are also many spacious five-bedroom apartments, duplexes, and penthouses in the community. Local properties tend to rise in price. This is due to the constant demand for housing in the district, its well-developed infrastructure and attractive opportunities for investors. Buying apartments in Dubai Marina by the sea is a beneficial investment in highly liquid and profitable housing with a constant price growth.

Investment flats in Dubai Marina is reasonable and justified for businessmen. There are several reasons for this:

  • Good location. The area is located almost in the city centre making it convenient for permanent residence and investments. The community offers easy access to the emirate’s key attractions and business centres.
  • Complete infrastructure. There are shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, parks, and beaches making it attractive for renting and increasing the demand for housing.
  • Trends in value growth. The community is constantly evolving and attracting more and more people. This can potentially increase property values and additional rental income.
  • Safe and sound environment. The district is a safe area with a well-developed security system.
  • Local properties for permanent residence. If you want to live here alone or with your family, you will definitely enjoy the comfort and amenities of this prestigious district.

It is profitable to buy an apartment in Dubai Marina

Investments in flats and apartments in Dubai Marina are an attractive opportunity for stable income and capital growth. The location, infrastructure and value growth potential make it an ideal place to invest in local properties.

Before you profitably buy an apartment in Dubai Marina, you should take some actions:

  • Define your goals. Before purchasing a property for sale in the community, determine what you want to use it for. If you plan to rent it out, it is important to choose a property with a high ROI.
  • Explore the market. Check out the current offers on the local real estate market. Pay attention to the cost, area and condition of the properties and additional amenities that can make the property you are interested in more attractive.
  • Consider financing options before buying a residence in the community. If you need financing to purchase a flat or apartments, study the available options at reasonable prices in dollars and euros and interest rates. Compare the terms of different banks and choose the best offer.

When buying a property in Dubai Marina, professional advice is required. We recommend contacting experts to get detailed consultation on all the above and other important issues. Turn to our specialists today to get an idea of the most profitable properties from developers and agencies and take the first step to your dream apartment in Dubai!