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City Walk Dubai is a modern residential community in Dubai’s Jumeirah area. The developer of this community is the well-known UAE construction company, Meraas. City Walk is an entertainment “town” inside a vast metropolis. A considerable number of restaurants, cafes and shops are concentrated here to form entire streets offering entertainment. A square has been built for entertainment events in City Walk. There are parks, fountains, playgrounds, swimming pools, promenades - and this is only a tiny part of what this community has. City Walk is also known as a tourist center and an area with amazing street art. Come and experience all this beauty for yourself.

Min. sale price
Villa700 000 AED
Avg. sale price
Villa3 350 000 AED
Min. rental price
Villa42 000 AED
Avg. rental price
Villa167 600 AED
Properties in the areaApartment, hotel apartment, penthouse
Developers in the area
115 properties
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  • The area of the district is:
    9687500 sq ft
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Where is City Walk Dubai?

City Walk’s entertainment and residential area is located in Jumeirah - one of Dubai’s most popular areas. It is situated near Safa, Al Wasl and Sheikh Zayed Roads. The Al Wasl and Al Safa districts border southwest City Walk, the Al Satwa neighborhood borders the northeast, and Business Bay is to the south.

What residential complexes and communities are in City Walk Dubai?

City Walk Dubai has a residential complex of the same name in the entertainment area itself. This complex consists of 34 buildings. A large amount of luxury real estate in Dubai can be found in this residential complex; importantly, all apartments have panoramic windows that provide full daylight illumination. At night, the windows of the houses reflect the lights of restaurants and boutiques, making for a chic and dazzling neighborhood.

You can buy various apartments here from 1-4 bedrooms depending on the needs and preferences of the buyer. The upper floors of the buildings house luxurious duplex penthouses with 3 and 4 bedrooms.

All apartments are conveniently designed. Each bedroom has its bathroom and some even have attached dressing rooms and balconies. All rooms are equipped with spacious built-in wardrobes. The spacious apartments, bedrooms, bathrooms and superior kitchens also have a dining, maid and laundry room. Additionally, you will find several outdoor terraces and private pools in these chic duplex apartments.

Each building of this residential complex has underground parking, gyms, and landscaped courtyards with playgrounds and swimming pools for children and adults. Each apartment building has a shared terrace and homeowners can count on having at least 1 parking space for each apartment.

Average property prices in City Walk Dubai

The starting price for a studio apartment with an area of ​​84 square meters is 1,400,000 dirhams. If you want to buy a larger apartment in Dubai, City Walk residential complexes also offer 2-4 room options. 2-room apartments in City Walk range from 1,800,000 AED – 4,000,000 AED. The average cost of a 3-bedroom apartment is slightly higher at an average of AED 4,200,000. The minimum price for a spacious 4-bedroom apartment with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room and terrace is AED 5,000,000. It is essential to note that the maximum area of ​​residential apartments is 550 square meters.

When buying a property in City Walk, an investor can be sure of a return on investment. A 1-room apartment will bring the highest profit - up to 6% annually. A 2-bedroom apartment will provide an investor with an annual return of 5%. Slightly less profitability is garnered from apartments with 3 bedrooms - 4.9% per annum. The lowest return on investment is from a spacious 4-room apartment at 4.5% per annum.

Average rental prices in City Walk Dubai

It is a given that apartment rental prices may vary. This often depends on the area of ​​the rented housing and its interior decoration – how is the apartment furnished or does the tenant need to purchase/bring their own furniture.

Annual rentals for a 1-bedroom apartment range from AED 100,000 to AED 200,000. The minimum rental price for 2-room apartments is AED 135,000 per year while 3-bedroom apartments can be rented for 12 months in the range of AED 170,000 - 265,000. You will have to pay on average AED 330,000 per year for a luxury apartment with 4 bedrooms and a large living area.

Where to go shopping in City Walk Dubai?

This microdistrict is unique in that it combines a tourist center, a residential complex, an exciting place for walking and entertainment, and a large shopping complex. It is a mix of residential, retail and entertainment - fully equipped for daily life as well as relaxation.

There are famous brands’ boutiques as well as all kinds of shops and outlets where you can buy everything from clothes and shoes to jewelry, souvenirs, perfumes, cosmetics, interior goods, children’s toys, handmade confectionery – everything you can think of! The entertainment establishments here offer a cinema, a play center with attractions and slot machines, a kid’s playground, and other family entertainment.

Another must-see is the bio-dome with its recreated tropical rainforest ecosystem called the Green Planet. In this shopping center, you can find excellent cuisine as there are dozens of restaurants and cafes. You can indulge in a variety of cuisines from Mediterranean, Oriental, European to Asian. Restaurants offer both indoor and outdoor seating, and some restaurants have live music.

The next closest and largest shopping mall in Dubai is the Dubai Mall. The Mall is a 4-minute drive from City Walk. It has an area of 110 hectares - about 50 football fields! There are more than 1,300 retail outlets here from global brand boutiques and private stores for sheiks to mass market stores. Clothes, footwear, leather goods and accessories, goods for children, household goods, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, appliances, optics and everything else is sold here in the largest shopping center in Dubai. In addition to shopping, in the Dubai Mall, you can visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, an ice rink, Dino Park, and a virtual reality park. It also houses one of the largest cinemas in the world. Moreover, you can visit the best restaurants in Dubai and taste a variety of delicious dishes. The Mall also has a convenient parking lot for visitors.

What schools and kindergartens are in City Walk Dubai?

There are many schools and kindergartens in the Jumeirah area near City Walk Dubai. Great Mind’s Nursery is a preschool that allows kids to develop in a safe and happy environment.

Gems Wellington Primary School is located near City Walk for elementary school children. It offers a British curriculum for children from grades 1 to 6.

There is an Indian private school (JSS Private School) in the Al Wasl area not far from the community for children in high school. The school offers a CBSE curriculum (Central Council of Secondary Education program).

What clinics and hospitals are in City Walk Dubai?

There are first-class healthcare facilities close to the area. The Valiant Clinic is a 4-minute drive from the community and is the nearest emergency room. Taking the Sheikh Zayed Road, it takes only 6 minutes to reach the Emirates Clinic. The nearest dental clinic, Dubai London Clinic, is 3 kilometers away in the neighboring community of Al Wasl. In the Al-Safa area, an 8-minute drive away, you can find the Medcare Orthopedics and Spine Hospital that provides visitors with all types of medical services. Emirates Hospital, a general hospital with general wards as well as spacious private wards, is 12 minutes away on Jumeirah Beach Road by car.

There are several pharmacies in City Walk Dubai, specifically Boots Pharmacy, Self-Pharmacy and Marina Pharmacy.

What kind of transport can be used in City Walk Dubai?

Public transport is well-developed here. There are several bus stops on Al Safa Street, just a 2-minute walk from the community. At the nearest bus stop, Dubai Petroleum Corporation 1, buses C14, 7, 28, and 81 make stops here.

The nearest metro station, Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall, is an 8-minute drive from the area.

Residents also often use taxi services or have private cars. It is difficult for car owners to find parking as there are more than 600 underground parking spaces in City Walk. There are also valet parking services.

Which City Walk Dubai hotel is the best to stay at?

You can stay at any one of the hotels in the area. For example, the 5-star La Ville Hotel and Suites City Walk that is part of the Autograph Collection chain is located here. The hotel offers luxury services; accommodation in luxurious, comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, access to a fitness center and spa salons. The hotel has several excellent restaurants where guests can enjoy themselves and taste many culinary delights. This hotel features 77 modern rooms, 11 suites and 68 serviced apartments. Moreover, there is a magnificent 180 square meter penthouse that spans the entire floor.

Another place to stay is the modern Rove City Walk hotel. It is a project from 2 leading developers - Emaar Properties and Meeras - established UAE construction companies that create highly exclusive residences. The hotel is located in the heart of City Walk and houses 560 guest apartments, a swimming pool and a sun deck.

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