Omniyat Properties

Omniyat Properties
Founded in 2005
Completed projects:21 property
Ongoing projects:51 property

One of the most visionary real-estate development and service groups in the Gulf Region, Omniyat creates living canvases of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces: a one-of-a-kind premium experience. We approach the design, development and management of each Omniyat property as if it were a unique work of art.

Why choose us
Global leader in luxury lifestyle
Works are carefully placed in prestigious locations
Each project is distinct, designed to create a superior return on investment
All projects were delivered on time
17+ years on the market
Close relationships with the world’s most iconic architects,
interior designers, and artists
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Erik Wilson
My husband and I want to buy a furnished apartment in Downtown Dubai. We love this place for up-to-date social infrastructure, accessible transport links, proximity to the city center. Moreover, this district is considered prestigious, which is very important for us. By contacting Omniyat Properties, we made sure that we made the right choice.
Victoria Perez
After a long search on the Internet, I found a developer that I liked the most and the real estate that it offers. I’m a businessmen and deeply interested in a stable income. So the company picked up a suitable commercial property in the center of Dubai. I visited this place, evaluated all the pros and cons, and decided to purchase it. Now this hot spot helps me to be confident in the future.
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