How is it profitable to buy an elite villa in the UAE?

How is it profitable to buy an elite villa in the UAE?

In 2022, Dubai was one of the few cities in the world that used geopolitical instability and the global crisis to its advantage. Real estate in Dubai has received the largest influx of private capital through increased interest from overseas investors and specialists. According to various reports, over 16% of international companies and entrepreneurs moved to the UAE and, in particular, to Dubai in the first half of 2022.

Despite soaring prices caused by the market buzz and shortages, Dubai’s property market remains more affordable than any other city in the world, offering more than just a living area for its money. This is especially true for villas in Dubai. A wide selection of properties and locations, as well as a range of prices, make this type of property especially interesting for both end users and investors.


Features of villas in Dubai, UAE

Villas in the UAE and Dubai, in particular, are beautiful houses with an exclusive set of amenities. There are various categories of this type of housing in the Emirates: from low-cost 2-bedroom houses to luxury residences with 5 to 7 bedrooms, a private pool and a garden. These properties are put up for sale in selected areas or cottage communities, e.g., in Dubai – the Arabian Ranches, Dubai Hills, Damac Hills etc. and in Abu Dhabi – the Al Raha Gardens, Al Reef Villas and Yas Island.

The main feature of the villas is the large living space. E.g., let's compare a 2-bedroom villa and an apartment with a similar number of bedrooms. Compared to apartments with an average area of 86 m2, villas with a similar number of bedrooms range from 110 to 175 m2. At the same time, depending on the area, the house may have an additional room for staff, a spacious living and dining area, 3 bathrooms, a swimming pool or a garden. The Palm Jumeirah Archipelago also sells residences with a private beach.

The villas can appeal to those who prefer peace and quiet and are also perfect for families with children who want to have separate housing in a quiet area with developed infrastructure around green areas.

Houses for sale in Dubai are available in 5 styles:

  1. Mediterranean-style houses combine Italian Renaissance and Spanish Renaissance. These are buildings with clear lines and spacious rooms.
  2. Modern houses reflect current trends in modern construction.
  3. Arabic residences have domed ceilings and large windows. Some houses have elements of modernism.
  4. Spanish houses are built of brick with classic roofs, internal corridors and intricate arches.
  5. Classic residences have a special aesthetic appeal and luxury.

Each style is attractive and unique.


Aspects of a bargain villa purchase in the UAE

Real estate, like any investment, requires a careful approach. To increase the chances of a profitable purchase of an elite villa, the buyer needs to pay attention to several fundamental factors.

The core purpose of buying real estate

Before you start looking for a property, you have to set your main goal. It’s important to note that housing bought for rent is not always suitable for living. It’s your goal that will determine your satisfaction with the acquisition, your comfort, and your return on investment. A specific real estate plan will help you find the right property and more confidently navigate the range of housing on the market.

A strategic location

An important aspect of the success of the purchase will be the location. Depending on whether the villa is purchased for living or business, it can be a closed area with excellent infrastructure and world-class amenities or a vibrant community with beach amenities and a high demand for rent from foreigners.

Not all districts may be suitable for private living with families and children due to noise and many people, and not all communities are perfect for renting housing. Moreover, buying a villa in an underdeveloped community without nearby services will make it difficult to resell in the future. To minimise risks, it’s important to note the distinctive features of the area and analyse its population, amenities and accessibility.

Traditional rental income can come in many ways and real estate investors can earn a stable income by owning villas, family homes, townhouses or apartments in Dubai. Striking examples of areas in demand among tenants in Dubai are Arabian Ranches and Dubai Hills. The ROI in local residences is 6.5% and 6.75% per year, respectively.

Construction date

Although the local real estate market is young, some of the secondary properties cannot compete with the off-plan projects in Dubai when it comes to construction standards, appearance, new renovation and communications. The older houses may be more expensive to maintain than the brand-new ones. This is quite essential to consider when purchasing a property.

Realtor services

The services of a certified real estate broker will help you to save time, money, and energy. This expert can advise you and answer questions throughout the process – from finding the right housing to signing a sales contract. The agent must understand the dynamics of the market and be familiar with several similar projects to explain which villa is the best option for you.

How is it profitable to buy an elite villa in the UAE?

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