The UAE is changing the rules with a new residence permit scheme for foreigners!

The UAE is changing the rules with a new residence permit scheme for foreigners!

The UAE is serious about attracting as many talented minds and qualified specialists from abroad as possible.

In April 2022, the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates approved a new entry and residence scheme for foreign nationals. Now, to get a visa or visit the UAE for business, leisure, or work, you no longer need to involve a sponsor/host.

Let's discuss the key aspects of migration policy innovations and the options that are now available to foreigners moving to the UAE.


The "Golden Visa" has become more accessible

The "Golden Visa" of the UAE is an analog of a residence permit valid for 10 years. Outstanding personalities, talented specialists in various fields, scientists, and investors can receive it.

What changes have been made to the rules to obtain a "Golden Visa":

  • The threshold for purchasing real estate in Dubai or another emirate has been reduced from AED 10 million ($2,722,544; ¥18,458,849) to AED 2 million ($544,508; ¥3,691,769).
  • Now you can buy real estate in mortgage with one of the state-approved banks.
  • It became possible to invest not only in ready-made housing but also in off-plan apartments in new buildings apartments in new buildings.

Important to note! A 3-year visa for real estate investments is still relevant. To obtain it, the cost of the housing unit must be at least AED 750,000 ($204,190; ¥1,384,413). This visa can be extended many times while the applicant owns this property.

The UAE is changing the rules with a new residence permit scheme for foreigners!

Who else can receive a 10-year residence permit?


Partners or owners of a startup belonging to the category of small and medium-sized enterprises established in the UAE can get a 10-year visa to the UAE.

There are several conditions:

  • The minimum annual income of the enterprise is AED 1 million ($272,254; ¥1,845,884) or more.


Professionals from various fields can also apply for a visa, in particular, business and management, science, medicine, law, culture, social sciences, and others.

These conditions include:

  • A valid employment contract with an employer from the UAE.
  • First or second professional level in ISCO.
  • The level of education is not lower than a bachelor's degree or its equivalent.
  • Monthly salary not less than AED 30,000 ($8,167; ¥55,376).


Researchers and scientists who have received recommendations from the UAE Council of Scientists can also count on a 10-year residence permit.

The conditions are:

  • A master's degree in science and technology, engineering, natural or biological sciences, or a doctorate in philosophy.

Outstanding talents

Outstanding people of exceptional talent, as well as figures of art, culture, IT technologies, sports, and other valuable fields can receive a resident visa.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Approval or recommendation of a local or federal authority.

Important to note! Citizens applying for residency status on the grounds of outstanding talent are not subject to the conditions on the mandatory salary level, compulsory education, and qualifications.

Students and schoolchildren

Students and schoolchildren with excellent academic results studying at one of the educational institutions of the UAE or one of the world’s 100 best universities can become "Golden Visa" holders.


What has changed?

  • Easing of age restrictions. A male child under 25 can now apply for a visa, whereas previously only persons under 18 were considered children. Age restrictions no longer apply to daughters.
  • In case of the applicant's death, family members can stay in the United Arab Emirates until the main visa is valid.
  • The number of accompanying assistants is no longer limited.

You should know that the restrictions associated with the stay of "Golden Visa" holders outside the United Arab Emirates have now been lifted.

The UAE is changing the rules with a new residence permit scheme for foreigners!

New visas for specialists

Having updated the old programs, the UAE has launched new ones, expanding the capabilities of professionals from different fields. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and investors can also become holders of a residence permit. Especially for these citizens and their relatives, the government introduced a simplified option to obtain 5-year visas to stay in the country, and also approved a stay in the UAE for 6 months after their visa expires.

"Green visa" for freelancers

"Green Residence" is an improved version of the former 2–year residence permit for the self-employed. The "green visa" is issued for 5 years, and also allows a freelancer to work in the country without involving a sponsor or employer.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Obtaining approval of professional activity in the UAE from the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • Education not lower than a bachelor's degree or equivalent.
  • Income for the previous year; from AED 360,000 ($98,011; ¥664,518).

Visa for entrepreneurs and investors

In addition to the self-employed, entrepreneurs and investors can become owners of "Green Residence", but thereare some conditions:

  • Approval by the relevant agency and business investment.
  • Permission of local authorities.

Visa for specialists

Qualified specialists can also count on a 5-year "Green Visa" without attracting a sponsor or official employment in one of the UAE companies.

The conditions are:

  • A valid employment contract.
  • The first, second, or third professional level by its official assessment system.
  • Bachelor's degree or its equivalent.
  • Salary per month from AED 15,000 ($4,083; ¥27,688).

The UAE is changing the rules with a new residence permit scheme for foreigners!

New types of entry visas

The UAE government has introduced several new visas to expand the opportunities for overseas citizens to enter and stay in the country. Their main advantages are to extend an entry visa for the same period in the country. The visa is valid for 60 days from the date of obtaining it.

Visa for applicants

This visa should help attract young professionals to work in the United Arab Emirates. To get it, applicants do not need to look for a sponsor or a host.

Who can get an applicant's visa?

  • Specialists of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd qualification level.
  • Applicants with a bachelor's degree.

Business visa

The aim is to encourage investors interested in exploring the investment and business opportunities of the UAE.

Multiple-entry tourist visa

This type of visa is an addition to the standard tourist visa. It does not require a sponsor and allows the holder to stay in the UAE for 90 days. The validity period is 5 years. The visa can be extended for a similar period.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Stay in the country no more than 180 days a year.
  • Confirmation of a bank deposit of at least $4,000 or an equivalent amount within 6 months before applying.

Visiting loved ones

Any citizen who has relatives or friends in the UAE can apply for this visa permit. A sponsor is not required.

Temporary work permit

This type of entry permit will be offered to those who participate in a temporary project or are on probation for work. This visa is sponsored by the employer.

To get it, you need to attach a temporary employment contract or a cover letter from the employer, explain the purpose of your arrival in the country, and provide a medical certificate.

Entry for education or vocational training

This visa permit is intended for those who are interning or taking training courses in the UAE. In this case, the sponsor is a university or a public or private organization.

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