Investors can now buy a share of a property in Dubai just for USD 136

Investors can now buy a share of a property in Dubai just for USD 136

SmartCrowd lowered its entry point for investing in the emirate's real estate market.

Dubai's real estate sector remained attractive for investors even in the times when the global economy was undergoing a crisis. Most of those who dream to buy a home in Dubai could not fulfil their dream because of high property prices in the emirate.

SmartCrowd, a DFSA-regulated property investment and technology platform, has lowered its entry point for investing in the Dubai property market. So, now people of all incomes have an opportunity to own their share of Dubai real estate for as low as USD 136. Previously, crowdfunding participants were required to set aside a minimum investment amount of USD 544. 

Earlier this week SmartCrowd said in its statement that a share in a Dubai property would earn income every month and also could increase in value over time.

'We want to make property investment affordable and accessible to everyone. For the same price as a brunch or a round of golf, everyday investors can now own a part of the vibrant city of Dubai. This is a chance for regular hard-working people to build wealth and savings for the future. They are no longer restricted to only investing in stocks and bonds,' Siddiq Farid, CEO and co-founder of SmartCrowd noted.

Thousands of users have already invested in over 40 properties across Dubai in areas like Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, JLT, JVC and more, via this platform.

'To date, SmartCrowd has distributed over Dh1.3 million in rental income to its investors. A range of investment opportunities are now available including prime areas like Dubai Marina, JBR and City Walk,' the statement says.

Property crowdfunding is an investment option that pools together the money from several investors. The funds are used to acquire property or finance a real estate project. 

SmartCrowd is open to UAE nationals, expatriates, international investors and tourists. The company was founded in Dubai in 2017 and since then has rapidly expanded, with offices located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

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