Popular areas to buy one-bedroom apartments under USD 150,000 in Sharjah

Popular areas to buy one-bedroom apartments under USD 150,000 in Sharjah

The cultural capital of UAE, Sharjah has always been a hub for affordable properties.

Now more and more unique residential projects are being launched in the emirate, so Sharjah’s real estate market draws a lot of attention both from buyers and investors.

One-bedroom apartment is probably one of the most popular types of property of all times. Here's the list of areas in Sharjah, where these properties are available for under USD 150,000.


Al Khan is a prime waterfront community that features several residential buildings facing the creek. The neighbourhood is located at the border between Sharjah and Dubai, which makes it ideal for prospective buyers who regularly commute between the two emirates.

The average price of one-bedroom apartment in Al Khan is USD 148,000, with a ROI of 3.3 percent.


The second most popular area to buy one-bedroom apartments in Sharjah is the off-plan development of Aljada located near Sharjah University City. Carried out by Arada, the project promises to be a self-sufficient and self-contained community with all the amenities and attractions residents need. 

The mega-development Aljada will include various sub-communities, one of these sub-communities is Nest, a purpose-built student accommodation complex with a number of facilities. The apartments for sale in Aljada will have a contemporary style and will be accompanied by amenities such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, parks, malls, schools and hospitals.

The average price of one-bedroom apartment in Aljada stands at USD 149,000, with a ROI of 3.1 percent.


Al Nahda also ranks amongst the most popular sub-communities to buy one-bedroom apartments and is known to offer some of Sharjah’s most affordable units. Apartments in Al Nahda are especially sought after due to the community’s proximity to Dubai. These apartments are popular with many who choose to live in Sharjah and work in Dubai. 

Al Nahda provides a convenient lifestyle for residents with nurseries, well-known supermarket chains, shopping malls and parks — all of which are located within the area.

The average price of one-bedroom apartment in Al Nahda is USD 112,000, with an average ROI of 6.1 percent.

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