Rents will continue to rise in 2022

Rents will continue to rise in 2022

The rental market in Dubai recovered strongly last year as the economy improved due to a successful vaccination program and the gradual opening of international borders.


Referring to the latest report published by ValuStrat, the consulting company, analysts and industry experts said that rents for residential and commercial real estate will continue to grow in 2022, but at a slower pace.


The average rent is still 4.9% lower than when the pandemic began. The average annual rent for apartments as of the fourth quarter of 2021 was 58,707 dirhams, and for villas - 236,650 dirhams.


Real estate experts are confident that villas will continue to be in high demand, and, as a result, the price increase for renting villas will be higher than for apartments. On average, we can expect an increase in prices for renting apartments by 5-7% and villas by 7-10%.

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