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Property for sale in Jumeirah Islands

Properties in Jumeirah Islands, UAE, are a splendid example of architectural and design innovations, blending various styles in a harmonious waterfront community. What makes this place unique is its landscape: 46 artificial islands, each housing a cluster of 16 villas in Dubai. In total, 736 exclusive homes have been constructed. The total area of the development exceeds 300 hectares.

The development features villas and townhouses. Property prices in Jumeirah Islands start at AED 5 million (USD 1.36 million). The area is situated near Garn Al Sabkha Street, Al Asayel St, and Dubai’s major highway, Sheikh Zayed Rd. The nearest communities include Jumeirah Park to the south, The Springs and The Meadows to the north, and Jumeirah Lake Towers to the west.

The cost of property in Jumeirah Islands is as follows:

  • 4-bedroom villa: from AED 5 million (USD 1.36 million);
  • 5-bedroom villa: from AED 15.5 million (USD 4.22 million);
  • 6-bedroom villa: from AED 27.5 million (USD 7.49 million).

Those interested in townhouses can purchase property priced between AED 5 million and 5.5 million (USD 1.36 million to 1.5 million).

Lifestyle in Jumeirah Islands

Buying property in Jumeirah Islands for foreigners means securing oneself with stunning landscapes and picturesque views from the window, exclusive housing, and investor visas. This locality is an ideal choice for those seeking a secluded and peaceful waterfront living experience. The design philosophy of the area emphasises harmony with nature, offering residents a serene atmosphere that starkly contrasts with the bustling life of the Arab metropolis.

Each property in Jumeirah Islands is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptionally picturesque view of the surroundings. This allows residents to enjoy the serene beauty of the water and landscaped gardens without leaving home.

Property in Dubai in the development epitomises luxury, comfort, and pleasant neighbourhood. The layout with an emphasis on water features and greenery enhances the feeling of a secluded retreat, offering peaceful relaxation.

The combination of a relaxed atmosphere and natural beauty makes real estate for sale in Jumeirah Islands an excellent investment option.

The community is designed to cater to the needs of its residents and offers plenty of premium amenities.

At the heart of the development is the clubhouse, which has everything you need, including a gym, restaurant, pool, and other leisure spaces.

Nature lovers have the opportunity to indulge in jogging and biking paths that meander through scenic landscapes. What’s more, residents can make use of the squash, tennis, and basketball courts available within the community.

One of the biggest advantages of living in the community is its proximity to several major shopping centres in Dubai. Ibn Battuta Mall and Dubai Marina Mall are just a short 10-minute drive away, providing an extensive selection of shops, dining establishments, and leisure offerings. The Mall of the Emirates, known for its extensive shopping areas and indoor ski slope, is just a 15-minute drive away.

With comprehensive amenities, a family-friendly atmosphere, and proximity to Dubai’s major attractions, the area is the perfect place for those seeking a combination of luxury, comfort, and a friendly environment.

Investment real estate in Jumeirah Islands

Some premium property in Jumeirah Islands for investment and living yields up to 7% annual returns. The average return on investment for 4-bedroom villas is 3.83%. All homes in the community are designed in 4 styles:

  1. Mediterranean: Villas in this style feature terracotta roofs, stucco walls, arches, and intricate metalwork. They boast open inner courtyards, lush gardens, and relaxation spaces.
  2. European: Characterised by clean lines, minimalist visual appeal, and the use of modern materials like glass, steel, and concrete, these homes often have open layouts and large windows for natural light. They emphasise functionality while maintaining an elegant and refined exterior.
  3. Islamic: Villas in the Islamic style honour the diverse architectural heritage of the Middle East. They feature geometric patterns, ornate details, domes, and arches. Interiors may be adorned with intricate tiles, luxurious fabrics, and vibrant colours reflecting desert and maritime landscapes, evoking a sense of luxury deeply rooted in the region’s culture.
  4. Oasis: Villas in this style are designed as tranquil retreats, incorporating elements that create a cool, refreshing atmosphere amidst the arid climate. They feature water elements, greenery, and natural materials, invoking feelings of peace and relaxation.

Within the community, you will find restaurants, cafes, food courts, and The Pavilion mall. In the neighbouring areas, there are top-rated schools such as Dubai British School, Emirates International School, and Regent International School, along with nurseries like Chubby Cheeks Nursery, Oakfield Early Learning Center, and Kids Kingdom. All of them can be reached within 15 minutes. Additionally, a prestigious private clinic operates within the community. The advantageous location and proximity to major infrastructure enhance the investment appeal of real estate in Jumeirah Islands for expats.

It is profitable to buy property in Jumeirah Islands

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