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  • Resident visas in Dubai for investors and entrepreneurs

    Contents: Investor visa in the UAE Gold visas in the UAE for investors Types of long-term visas 5-year visa 10-year visa Multiple-entry visas 6-month visa 2-year visa Who else can become a resident Where to apply for a visa Visa application process We will help you get a visa and buy real estate in Dubai INVESTOR...

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  • Do foreigners need a visa for Dubai?

    Contents: Rules of entry to the UAE for foreigners Types of visas What documents do I need to apply for a visa for Dubai? Where to apply for a visa in the UAE Terms of obtaining a visa to the UAE Costs and penalties for violating the visa regulations in the UAE We will help you buy real estate in the UAE Rules of entry to the UAE for...

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  • How to register a rental agreement in Dubai?

    The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful country and is known for its luxury and wealth. As such, it should come as no surprise then that many more foreigners are increasingly choosing it as their new place of residence. Some of them purchase real estate in Dubai to make money in the rental business in order to secure their future investments. While...

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  • UAE family residence visa: for whom and on what conditions

    United Arab Emirates occupies a leading position among foreign citizens, who are planning to move for permanent residence. The country is also in demand for doing business or working. There are high salaries and a favorable tax system here. However, appropriate documentation is required to move to UAE and carry out work activities. It is almost...

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  • Investor glossary: Title Deed, NOC, Emirates ID, RERA, IBAN

    The United Arab Emirates is a fairly young and actively developing investment market, but at the same time, it is also independent. So like any independent market, it shares some common characteristics with other markets. However, in addition to this, it also has a few unique characteristics of its own. What’s more, these characteristics also...

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  • The UAE residence visa and how to get it

    Today, the United Arab Emirates is recognized as one of the most appealing countries to many investors, expats, and foreigners from across the globe. Not only does it offer great business opportunities but it also boasts a well-developed infrastructure, affordable prices, and a high standard of living. What’s more, it’s a fact, that 85%-90% of the...

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  • Certificate of ownership for apartments in the UAE

    When you buy a property overseas you may have some questions. For instance, how does one get a certificate of property ownership in the UAE? How can you register your property in the UAE according to the local legislation? How is the property transaction information added to the UAE real estate register? What is the procedure for registering real...

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