Pet-friendly community: where can you live with animals in Dubai?

Pet-friendly community: where can you live with animals in Dubai?

Searching for suitable housing is one of the biggest challenges pet owners face. For example, in Dubai, not every community allows you to have dogs or cats. If you’re planning to adopt a pet or already have one and want to rent or buy a property in Dubai, this article is for you.


The best districts in Dubai to live with pets

Most landlords refuse to move you in as soon as they find out you have any dogs or cats. But, finding a loyal homeowner and a community without strict rules is only one part of the problem. The right infrastructure is also important especially checking if there are any specialized parks, playgrounds, veterinary clinics, and shops nearby. This is important to keep in mind if you plan to buy a house or an apartment in Dubai.

We have drawn up a list of residential communities in Dubai that allow pets.

Pet-friendly community: where can you live with animals in Dubai?

Dubai's Top-5 pet-friendly neighborhoods

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Jumeirah Village Circle starts the list of the best pet-friendly communities. This is a quiet area with many green spaces and well-maintained parks. Here, cat and dog owners can rent and buy property. JVC is also great for family life with a high level of comfort, quality of life, and a cozy atmosphere.

You can rent housing in Jumeirah Village Circle for AED 28,000 ($ 7,600, ¥ 48,500) a year on average.

Home purchase prices in JVC are:

  • Studios – around AED 426,000 ($116,000, ¥740,000).
  • 1-bedroom apartments – AED 690,000 ($ 188,000, ¥ 1,200,000).
  • 2-bedroom apartments – AED 1,050,000 ($ 286,000, ¥1,800,000).

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

Jumeirah Lake Towers community is known for its picturesque lakeside paths where you can go jogging or walk your pets in the morning. There’s the spacious JLT park for owners of large dogs. This district is perfect for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and different levels of activity. There are many lawns here, and local cafes and restaurants allow visiting with your pets. The community has pet grooming salons and veterinary clinics.

You can rent property in JLT for AED 41,000 ($ 11,100, ¥ 71,100) a year.

Real estate prices in JLT are:

  • Studios – AED 488,000 ($ 132,800, ¥ 846,300) on average.
  • 1-bedroom apartments – AED 1,360,000 ($ 370,200, ¥ 2,400,000).

Dubai Sports City (DSC)

There are plenty of pet-friendly residential complexes in Dubai Sports City. The concept of DSC is built on the love for a healthy and active lifestyle so there are many sports facilities here. Different parks and dog walking zones are in the area.

You can rent a housing unit in DSC for AED 26,000 ($ 7,000, ¥ 45,000) a year on average.

Property prices in DSC are as follows:

  • Studios – AED 331,000 ($ 90,100, ¥ 574,000).
  • 1-bedroom apartments – AED 489,000 ($ 133,000, ¥ 848,000).
  • 2-bedroom apartment – AED 738,000 ($ 201,000, ¥ 1,300,000).

Dubai Hills Estate

Dubai Hills Estate is considered one of the most pet-friendly communities in the world. Because of parks and many areas for walking and training your 4-legged friends, this district can be described as a real dog paradise.

You can rent a studio or a small flat here.

In Dubai Hills Estate, you can rent a studio for AED 39,000 ($ 10,600, ¥ 68,000) a year on average and 1 and 2-bedroom apartments for AED 61,000 ($ 16,600, ¥ 106,000) and AED 94,000 ($ 25,500, ¥ 163,000).

The average property cost in this area is AED 1,520,000 ($ 414,000, ¥ 2,600,000).

DAMAC Hills 2

DAMAC Hills 2 (also known as Akoya Oxygen) is a great area for families and pet owners. Unlike the communities described above, here, you can find apartments as well as villas. Individual mansions are much more spacious and comfortable for living and playing with a pet. Also, large dogs are allowed in the community.

The area has many parks within walking distance, lush greenery, and areas for walking pets. The relatively low rental cost makes it an attractive option for people who want a quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It offers eco-friendly houses built from materials that are safe for your health. The villas have every comfort, like furniture, household appliances, and technology. Some properties have a solar-powered water heating system.

The variety of local accommodation includes 3 or 5-bedroom villas for sale and rent. The annual rent for a 3-bedroom villa is AED 59,000 ($ 16,000, ¥ 102,300), a 4-bedroom villa is AED 82,000 ($ 22,300, ¥ 142,200), and a villa with 5 bedrooms is AED 96,000 ($ 26,100, ¥ 166,400).

In this area, the average price for villas goes up tp AED 1,690,000 ($ 460,000, ¥ 3,000,000).

The villa prices in DAMAC Hills 2 are:

  • 3-bedroom villa – AED 1,200,000 ($ 327,000, ¥2,080,000).
  • 4-bedroom villa – AED 1,400,000 ($ 381,000, ¥ 2,400,000).
  • 5-bedroom villa – AED 2,380,000 ($ 648,000, ¥ 4,100,000).

Pet-friendly community: where can you live with animals in Dubai?

Other pet-friendly communities

Besides the districts in Dubai mentioned above, there are other communities where pet owners will find a happy home for themselves and their pets. These are:

  • Palm Jumeirah;
  • Jumeirah Village Triangle;
  • Al Barari;
  • Jumeirah Park;
  • The Meadows.

Even though these communities have pet-friendly status, a lot of things still depend on the specific owner and real estate developer. Before you sign a contract, you must check beforehand what types of pets are allowed in a particular house. Emirates.Estate experts will help you find a pet-friendly apartment or villa in Dubai and answer all your questions.

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