The new top-10 most lavish real properties in Dubai

The new top-10 most lavish real properties in Dubai

Luxurious real estate is in very high demand in Dubai. A lot of wealthy people streamed into the Emirates after the government's efficient fight against the pandemic. Recently, costs rose by more than 44% in high-end neighbourhoods like Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Bay Island, and Downtown. After sustained growth for the past few quarters, luxury housing prices took a break in the first quarter of 2022, and declined by about 6%. However, real estate experts expect that first class property prices will grow by about 10% in elite districts like Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Bay Island, and Downtown this year. The demand for ultra-luxury housing and a clear shortage of properties for sale in the high end segment should also be taken into consideration.

The following is a new list of the top-10 most high-priced villas ever sold in the country. The list is compiled by Luxhabitat Sotheby's, Property Monitor and Knight Frank.

1. A Palm Jumeirah Villa: AED 280 million

A rich villa was bought for AED 280 million in April 2021, and became the most pricey villa ever sold in the Emirates. An up-to-date white villa on Palm Jumeirah built according to an individual project has a huge living space of 33,000 sq. ft, amenities of the seven-star spa hotel, over 70 m. of private seashore, foreign and hand-made Italian marble. The spacious rooms are furnished with ultra-luxury Italian furniture by Giorgetti and Minotti furniture houses.

2. A mansion worth AED 185 million

A luxurious mansion was sold for AED 185 million on Palm Jumeirah in 2015. It is constructed on a land plot of 39,000 sq. ft. with a construction area of 31,000 sq. ft.

3. A mansion worth AED 121 million on Jumeirah Bay

A mansion on Jumeirah Bay was sold for AED 121 million in 2021. Allegedly, it was the most expensive housing unit sold in the Emirates last year. Industry leaders connect the luxury villa's record sale with its perfect location. It allowed the buyer to enjoy views of the Emirate's horizon, especially the Burj Khalifa.

4. A deluxe mansion worth AED 119.5 million on the Palm Jumeirah

In June 2021, on the Palm Jumeirah, an extra-luxurious mansion in the XXII Carat project was sold for AED 119.5 million. The mansion is constructed on a plot of 22,000 sq. m. on a part of the island in the form of a half-moon. The house has a private beach, a swimming pool and a landscaped garden. There are seven en-suite bedrooms, an open kitchen, a bar and a sauna in the mansion.

5. A modern individual villa worth AED 111.25 million on the Palm Jumeirah

One 100 Palm is a custom-built modern villa located on the north side of the Palm Jumeirah. It was purchased by a Swiss family from Monaco for AED 111.25 million in March 2021. The villa occupies three floors and has a construction area of 14,000 sq. ft. There are five spacious VIP bedrooms in the villa. The main bedroom is 1,300 sq. ft.

6. An ultra luxurious villa worth AED 105 Million in XXII Carat

Another extra-luxury villa of the XXII Carat development project was sold for AED 105 million on the Palm Jumeirah in the first quarter of 2021. The villa is constructed on a plot of 12,167 sq. ft.  It has a private beach, a swimming pool, and a lush garden.

7. A Dubai Hills Grove mansion worth AED 103 million

Dubai Hills Grove Mansion, with a building area of 31,296 sq. ft., is also in the top-10 most expensive properties. The villa, situated in the rapidly growing Dubai Hills, was sold for AED 103 million in 2021.

8. One Palm Penthouse apartment worth AED 102 Million

An enormous penthouse on One Palm was sold for a whopping AED 102 million. It includes five bathrooms, multiple living areas, and balconies with panoramic views of the Dubai Marina horizon, and the Persian Gulf.

9. A villa in Emirates Hills worth AED 100 million

This villa was sold for AED 100 million in 2017. The mansion occupies an area of 42,000 sq. ft. and includes eight en-suite bedrooms and plenty of recreational areas.

10. Palm Jumeirah penthouse worth AED 95 Million

A new penthouse was sold for AED 95 million on the Palm Jumeirah in December 2021. High-quality Italian brands, exceptional lighting, sea sights, and flawless compositions of noble marble are among the special features of the project.

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