The technology platform will help Dubai real estate investors get Golden Visas

The technology platform will help Dubai real estate investors get Golden Visas

Investors who need a Golden Visa can now obtain a 10-year residence permit in the UAE by investing just AED 2 million ($544,618) or more in Dubai's fast-growing real estate market through the online real estate technology platform Stake.

For the first time in Dubai, investors will be able to get a Golden Visa through a digital investment platform.

The company offers a Golden Visa to real estate investors through Special Purpose Companies (SPVs) registered in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) FEZ.

There are no restrictions on where investors must reside in order to qualify for a Golden Visa, provided that the minimum investment threshold of AED 2 million is met.

While real estate investments usually require large amounts of upfront capital and involve a high level of risk in the case of off-plan projects, investors worldwide can start working on the platform for as little as AED 500 ($136).

In addition, real estate investors and end users can also get a Golden Visa by investing AED 2 million in real estate. Local developers also independently facilitate obtaining golden visas for real estate buyers.

The Golden Visa attracts foreign investors seeking long-term residence in the UAE, especially from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and Russia, among others.

Instead of investing AED 2 million in a single property, the online real estate technology platform allows investors to distribute their capital among several properties located in the best areas of Dubai to create a diversified real estate portfolio.

The company, based in DIFC, also eliminates the need to purchase off-plan real estate under construction and instead offers investors to buy part of the ready-to-move real estate. This approach not only allows you to get rental income faster, but also provides a more stable and reliable income stream compared to investments outside the plan.

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