Marina Island is the pearl of Abu Dhabi. What properties are for sale here?

Marina Island is the pearl of Abu Dhabi. What properties are for sale here?

Dubai can surely impress a sophisticated client with its ambitious architectural projects.  A prime example must be the artificial island of Marina Island, located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is a private island with housing and extensive urban infrastructure to ensure that you're living a comfortable life.

This article contains essential information about the island, its attractions, and real estate that can be purchased there.


Characteristics of Marina Island.


Marina Island is an artificial island in the Persian Gulf. It is located to the northwest of Abu Dhabi. This is a mixed development area, which, despite its small size (about 1.7 km2), is considered one of the most prestigious places for living and vacationing in Abu Dhabi. A motorway connects the island and the mainland.

The island's main feature is that it is washed by the open waters of the Persian Gulf, unlike the other islands of Abu Dhabi.

Attractions and infrastructure

The island has several iconic sights of the capital of the UAE, its marina, the purest beaches, high-end restaurants, five-star hotels, and medical facilities, in particular, Moorfields Eye Hospital, a branch of the world-famous ophthalmologic center. Premium real estate is for sale here.

The main street and the Corniche promenade connect the entrance and exit of the island. There are business centers, high-class hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

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Regardless of the purpose of your stay on the island, you should visit several exciting locations, including:

  • The Presidential Palace Qasr Al Watan-it is open to the public.
  • Emirates-Palace - a palace hotel located on a private beach. This is the true epitome of luxury in Abu Dhabi, complemented by Arabian hospitality. In every hotel room, you will find the highest comfort level, stunning sea views, and 24-hour butler service.
  • Marina Mall is the only shopping center on the island, recognized as one of the best malls in Abu Dhabi. Its area reaches 235,000 m2. There are more than 400 trade pavilions and boutiques of famous world brands.
  • Marina Eye – a 60 m high Ferris wheel. Its cabins offer a panoramic view of the bay and the capital of the emirates.
  • Heritage Village - reconstruction of a traditional Arab village. You can plunge into the life of the ancient settlement to feel the local traditions and customs.
  • Miraj Islamic Art Gallery - an art gallery that exhibits works of Islamic art. You can buy any picture you like here.

Остров Marina Island ‒ жемчужина Абу-Даби. Какую недвижимость можно здесь купить?

Property selection

In 2021, Marina Island officially received the status of a freehold zone. This means that foreign buyers and investors have the opportunity to purchase any property here and become its full owners. Thanks to this, the Island attracted a lot of interest, which caused an increase in housing sales.

All properties in the area belong to the premium segment. The main advantages are the unique location and the combination of incomparable comfort with a high level of privacy, quality, and security.

Marina Island communities

Fairmont Marina Residences

Fairmont Marina is a 38-story residential complex of beachfront apartments by the National Investment Corporation's property developer. The building, constructed in the traditional oriental style, consists of two towers connected by an arch. It combines unique architecture, magnificent sea views, and developed infrastructure. Due to its appearance, it has become one of the main attractions on the island.

One of the towers is a five-star hotel. The second tower contains private residences ranging from 100 m2 to 300 m2, with one to four bedrooms.

The coastal location of the Residence allows its residents to enjoy all the amenities of a beach vacation: a private beach, sunbeds, and a cafe with service. All of this provides excellent rest.

Amenities of the complex

The residential complex has an infinity pool with transparent sides through which water flows, lounge areas, a business center, conference rooms, a children's pool, and a playground. Owners of private residences can access all recreation areas, restaurants, a fitness club, a spa, a tennis court, and use the services of a personal chef.

The minimum cost of real estate at Fairmont Marina Residences is AED 3.5 million ($958,000, ¥6.07 million).

Marina Sunset Bay

This is another residential community on Marina Island. The building is located next to the Fairmont Marina Residences residential complex. Exclusive villas with an area of 551-855 m2 in five to seven-bedroom configurations are located on its territory. The community includes 67 housing units in total. The villas are located on different levels. Every following villa rises above the previous one by 2.5 m. Each property has a view of the Persian Gulf.

There are three types of villas in the Marina Sunset Bay community based on their area. The highest seven-bedroom houses are located near the promenade. The second and third rows are houses with five and six bedrooms. The owners of villas in the front row can equip their pier for the yacht.

The design of the houses is in a modern Arabic style, with the main emphasis on minimalism. During the construction process, only eco-friendly materials suitable for the climatic conditions of this area were used.

The minimum price is AED 9.55 million ($2.6 million, ¥16.5 million).

Остров Marina Island ‒ жемчужина Абу-Даби. Какую недвижимость можно здесь купить?

We will assist you in buying property on Marina Island

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