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Property for sale in Town Square

Property in Town Square for investment and living is situated in a dynamically developing area in Dubai, designated as a freehold zone. Foreigners have the opportunity to purchase property in the community with private ownership rights. Located in the southern part of the city, it spans an extensive area of over 300 hectares. The area's development, spearheaded by Nshama company, is actively progressing, with completion planned for 2025.

The new project features a variety of residences and villas. The master plan includes the construction of 18,000 apartments in Dubai and 3,000 townhouses, some of which are already ready for occupancy. Property in Town Square is suitable for relocation or as investment properties. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, the district provides a high level of comfort and everything necessary for daily life.

The community offers studios and apartments with 1–3 bedrooms, as well as townhouses and villas with 3–4 bedrooms. One of the developer's unique initiatives was the construction of the 12-story Una complex, geared towards the culture of co-living, which is especially attractive to young people and young professionals. Investors and residents can opt for a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment and gain access to communal spaces, leisure zones and coworking spaces.

The average cost of property in Town Square at the time of publication:

  • Studio units are sold for AED 455,000 (USD 124,000);
  • 1-bedroom apartments are available for AED 672,000 (USD 183,000);
  • 2-bedroom housing is sold for AED 937,000 (USD 255,000);
  • 3-bedroom residences are presented for AED 1.5 million (USD408,500).

The cost of villas in Dubai within this community starts from AED 2.1 million (USD 571,500). It’s important to note that these are average property prices in Town Square. The maximum threshold depends on the level of comfort of a particular property. For example, 3-bedroom flats are on sale for AED 2.4 million (USD 653,500) and a villa with 4 bedrooms can be purchased for AED 3 million (USD 817,000).

Lifestyle in Town Square

Property owners in the community have the opportunity to live close to nature. Over 150,000 square metres of space is allocated for green spaces and parks with bicycle and jogging paths.

Within the community and nearby is everything necessary for life. Restaurants and cafês like The Lime Tree, Zaatar W Zeit and Carluccio’s offer a wide selection of dishes from international cuisine. Fast food lovers have access to KFC, Starbucks and Subway. For daily shopping, residents can turn to Carrefour and Spinney's chains and for a broader selection, visit Dubai Mall, located a 25-minute drive away.

Fitness centres are distributed throughout the area and the nearest major gyms, such as Fitness First and Optimal Fitness, operate in the neighbouring community. Public swimming pools are available in every cluster of the community.

Entertainment options include trampoline parks, paintball gaming zones at Battle Park Nshama and children's attractions at Recreational Park. For beach leisure, residents can head to the JBR beach area, a drive of about 20–25 minutes.

Educational institutions, including schools following the British education system, are located 10–15 minutes away by car. These include Fairgreen International School and Jebel Ali School. Medical facilities such as Aster Clinic and Emirates Hospital are similarly distanced.

The area is pet-friendly, offering dedicated dog parks with obstacle courses.

Investment real estate in Town Square

Property in the community holds high investment potential. As the cluster is under development, investors have the opportunity to purchase property at an attractive cost and resell after completion. Prices for real estate for sale in Town Square during construction are 20–30% more favourable than for completed properties.

Investing in property for rent is also lucrative. Apartments and houses in the cosy district are always in demand and have a high ROI. Renting out a studio can bring in from AED 30,000 (USD 8,000) to AED 68,000 (USD 18,500) annually. Rental rates for 1-bedroom residences can reach AED 120,000 (USD 32,500). The highest rates are for 4-bedroom villas, with rents ranging from AED 140,000 (USD 38,000) to AED 230,000 (USD 62,000).

1-bedroom apartments stand out for the highest investment yield, reaching 9.23% annually. 2-bedroom apartments also demonstrate high ROIs, amounting to 8.86%. Residences with 3 bedrooms provide a yield of 8.58%, while studio units offer investors a return of 7.9%.

3-bedroom villas yield about 7.3% annually. The profitability of investment in 4-bedroom homes is 6.49%.

It’s important to note that property in Dubai, as well as income from its use, are not subject to taxation. Therefore, the owner receives pure profit.

Buying property in Town Square for foreigners

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