What is the difference between apartments and other housing in Dubai

What is the difference between apartments and other housing in Dubai

Now such type of real estate as apartments is becoming more and more popular in Dubai. They are gaining popularity not only in Europe, but also in Asia.

Increasingly, apartments are built in the United Arab Emirates, in particular in Dubai.

Why did such housing enter our lives so quickly? Why do people like them so much? How do apartments differ from apart-hotels and residential real estate?

Apartments are perfect for large companies, and their cost is usually less than the prices for other types of residential premises. We tell you in detail what apartments are and how not to confuse them with other objects in an apartment building or a hotel room.



Usually, you can live in apartments in coastal countries, such as Bulgaria, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia or Greece.

However, it is possible to stay or permanently reside in them not only in resort localities. They are also available in the historical centers of large, popular cities with tourists (for example, in Athens, Venice, Rome and other megacities).

Apartments can be called homes or small detached houses (perhaps part of a large house, villa, cottage) that travelers rent for a short or long period of time.


The main difference between these types is that a home is a residential real estate object, while an apartment is a commercial real estate object.

Now a lot of people buy apartments not only to live, but to rent them out or resell, that is, the purpose is to receive income.


Do not confuse apartments and apart-hotels, because the latter are often located at hotels. They can work on their own, but still somewhat resemble hotels (for example, in service, premises, and so on).

An apartment hotel can be easily distinguished from a hotel by one feature: there is always a kitchen in the room, and there are also several rooms in them.

What is the difference between apartments and other housing in Dubai


Living in an apartment, you can forget that you are not at home (if you rent it out when you come on vacation), because they have:

  • Home appliances, which include a washing machine, TV, microwave oven, air conditioning, refrigerator, and more.
  • A kitchen room.
  • In many warm countries, including the UAE, this type of housing also has parking zones, swimming pools and terraces with balconies.


This housing is of different levels. The class depends on the convenience of living, the number of rooms, the area of the entire room.

Levels are not marked with stars, like hotel classes, but with letters.

  • For example, type A is a studio with one room and an American kitchen (the kitchen is combined with the living room). The studio area is not more than 45 square meters (it is often 40-45 square meters). Two or four people usually live in it.
  • Type B has two bedrooms, a living room and a separate kitchen. In total, it is from 60 to 90 square meters. This type usually accommodates two to six people.
  • Type C consists of three or four rooms, a living room and a kitchen. In addition, there is also a dining room. These apartments have an area of more than square meters. Usually up to 12 people live in them.
  • And finally, luxury apartments, richly decorated and supplied with expensive pieces of furniture, are located in penthouses or separately located houses and residences.

There are at least two rooms, and even staff, including butlers, for customers. In addition, they offer a huge variety of services, private pools, and so on.

Such rooms in apart-hotels are often called "presidential apartments".


What to choose: a holiday in an apartment or a standard hotel? Living in an apartment in Dubai has many advantages, for example:

  • Own kitchen. Many people prefer to cook themselves, even during their vacation and holidays at the sea. Usually, housing with a kitchen is chosen by families with young children, fans of healthy food, people who prefer a budget vacation, and just picky people who cook better themselves.
  • In addition to the stove, the apartments usually have a large refrigerator, so it is possible to store a lot of perishable food in it (refrigerators are often small in hotel rooms).
  • Among other things, they can accommodate a large company that can just chip in and live together, and not spend money on separate, not always cheap hotel rooms.
  • In addition, it is impossible to bring pets in some hotels. In the apartments, the tenants are their own masters, they have the right to bring here cats, dogs, hamsters and other pets.
  • Another advantage is the freedom to eat, because in this case it is unnecessary to follow the hotel regime, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever you want.

The only downside for apartment fans is that it is harder to find an apartment than a room, as there are so many more of them.

What is the difference between apartments and other housing in Dubai


To settle in them, you often have to hurry in advance — about two months. You can book your accommodation remotely, using online services.

There is another not very pleasant difference between checking in at a hotel and staying in an apartment. In a hotel, it is enough to leave an identity document at the reception, and in the second case, everything is somewhat different.

So, guests have to follow the rules of residence (where to leave garbage, at what time it is forbidden to make noise, how to use household appliances, and so on). And the tenants of luxury, presidential types of housing do not have to do so. However, everyone needs to fill out the agreement.


Foreign citizens have the right to buy different types of housing in the city:

  • Apartments.
  • Detached houses.
  • Townhouses.
  • Penthouses.
  • Apart-hotels.
  • Apartments.

There are restrictions only on the territories, for example, there are freehold-parts of the metropolis, where citizens of other countries have the right to buy real estate and dispose of objects on their own (having registered housing in the property, you can sell it, rent out, give away, inherit, and so on). Many Russians and Ukrainians buy local objects to resell more expensive or to rent for a short or long term.

In addition to freehold zones, there are also places where citizens of other countries can rent residential premises, including apartments, for no more than 99 years. If you have rented such an object, you do not need to live there for the entire period specified in the contract. You have the right to find another tenant and rent the property to him.


As mentioned above, often in order to stay in them during your vacation, you need to book an object in advance, long before you arrive.

Why is it so much easier to stay at a hotel? Because in the case of apartments, demand outstrips supply. Currently, there are not as many of them on the market as they are in demand.

It turns out that it is very profitable to buy this type of housing and rent it out. The rental income will be regular, because you will always have customers.

What is the difference between apartments and other housing in Dubai


Investors in Dubai, as in any other rich metropolis, have many agents and management organizations working for them. At any time of the year, their representatives not only find tenants, but also negotiate with them about the conditions of arrival and accommodation, draw up and sign contracts (lawyers work in companies for this), check in, explain the rules of behavior during the stay, give out keys, and when it is time for eviction, take the keys back, check the safety of engineering communications, pipelines, finishes, household appliances, furniture and other household accessories, and then prepare the object for the entrance of other residents by cleaning it.

In warm countries, there are tourists all year round, so there is no need to think about whether apartments in Dubai will bring income. There are always a huge number of people who want to rent housing here.


Before buying a house, any investor thinks about how to do it correctly, so as not to lose money.

First, you need to decide how long you will rent your house for. The choice of the district will depend on this.

  • Emigrants who come to the city for a long time often settle in real estate near the beach.
  • Some of them prefer solitude, peace and tranquility of remote areas from the center.
  • It is important for families with schoolchildren or children of kindergarten age that there are educational institutions near the house.
  • Office clusters are essential for businesspeople, as well as for people who come to Dubai to work in highly qualified or other positions (for example, engineers, office managers, sales agents, and other office employees).

If you know who you want to rent an apartment to before contacting a realtor, you can correctly set the agent the task of finding the right area and the necessary objects.

To resell as soon as possible, it is better to buy a room near the beach, close to shopping and office centers. The development of the surrounding infrastructure is equally important.

Of course, it is necessary to check how engineering communications work, indoor renovation stage, how the residential complex as a whole works. Also it is important to know how swimming pools, hammams, fitness centers and other inner objects work. If not, there will not do any good that you bought a house in a good residential complex. In this case, you will have to reduce the rental cost, because it is unlikely that someone will agree to pay for something and this will not be received.


Now you can see what housing options are available at the moment and find out what is for sale in Dubai today. The website aggregator Emirates.Estate has selected the best apartments and cottages that the owners – developers and individuals – have put up for sale. Among these objects, you will find rooms to suit your taste and budget: studio apartments, townhouses, penthouses and many more. There are budget options and luxurious, residential complexes.

The representatives of our company are happy to help you with your choice. You can write to us in the feedback form or call the number on the website. Enjoy your purchase!

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